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The Chicago Bears Sticking with Trubisky: Good or Bad?

If you have been keeping track of the comments coming from Chicago Bears’ upper management, you may have heard that they are planning on sticking with Mitchell Trubisky as the starter next season.  What does this mean for the Bears moving forward? Can they rely on Trubisky to pull through and play well enough to take them to the promised land?

Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Pace recently announced that the Bears were going to forth with Trubisky as the starter heading into the upcoming 2020 season. It’s hard to tell if this is the stance that Pace and company are going to take but it would seem as if they are committed to Trubisky. And why wouldn’t they be? Pace gave up a lot to get him and has staked his career on him. If Trubisky fails, Pace looks like a failure and he probably will lose his job.

This may already be in the works.

But are all of the issues that Trubisky has presented his fault? After all, he had a struggling offensive line, receivers that would drop passes and no running game to speak of. Knowing this then it may not be entirely his fault. Given all of the tools, however, would he still be able to take the Bears to the next level and earn them a win? Is he capable of doing that? We will find out next season but fans may not want to wait that long to see if he is the right quarterback for the job. They may want him to be judged in training camp to see if he is worthy. Bears fans don’t want to wait.

They want to win now.

You have to imagine that the Bears are going to bring in some competition at the quarterback next year. Some veteran quarterback, whether it be Andy Dalton, Marcus Mariotta or even Cam Newton could find their place on Chicago’s roster. And that would be ideal. The competition could either help push Trubisky into playing better or the incoming player could play better than Trubisky and end up beating him out.

Either way, the Bears would win and could finally get something going on offense. That would be huge.

It’s easy to see that Chicago’s quarterback play has been part of what has been holding them back. You also have the line play; lack of top-quality tight ends and receiver drops (as previously mentioned) that caused the Bears issues. However, had they even had those things cleaned up and running right, I still don’t quite think that Trubisky would have been the answer at the quarterback spot. I may receive a lot of flack for that but it’s just my feeling.

The Bears will have a lot of work to do this offseason if they want to compete in 2020. They have to fill the holes that were created by injuries, contracts being up or players being let go. Chicago has to concentrate on both sides of the ball, the offense more than the defense. They need to build a winning program.

This will be year three under head coach Matt Nagy and year four with Trubisky at quarterback. If they can’t get anything going it’s almost assured that both will be gone when it’s all said and done. And this writer doesn’t want Trubisky to fail, not by any means, but it’s been a long time since the Bears have won a playoff game or even a Super Bowl. Something must change.

It’s time that the Bears started to think about winning or at least trying harder to win. It’s been a disappointing last few years and it looks like there is no end in sight. And other teams seem to be able to turn things around and get it right. Why can’t the Bears?

And is Trubisky the answer or not? We will find out in 2020.

A look at the Chicago Bears Free Agents Heading into the 2019 Offseason

By Bryan Dietzler

The Bears suffered a lot this past season and will need to gear up for the 2020 season by either resigning their existing free agents or grabbing new ones.

The list of Bears’ free agents is a long one and we will delve more into each player at a later time but for now, we will take a quick look at who is going to be a free agent this coming offseason along with a one or two-sentence blurb about what could happen with that free agent.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the free agents that the Bears have as we prepare to enter the offseason in the NFL.

Chase Daniel-QB-The Bears are sure to bring in some talent at the position to compete with Trubisky. Daniel, and his high salary, will probably not be back.

Danny Trevathan-LB-While Trevathan is getting up there in age but still has some fight left in him. Consider it a toss -p as to whether they bring him back or not.

Sherrick McMannis-S-McMannis is still a strong special teamer. It wouldn’t hurt to bring him back on a one-year deal.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix-FS-Will the Bears bring back Dix or will they search for someone else to sit beside Eddie Jackson at the safety position? He was good but was he good enough to return for another season?

Bradley Sowell-TE-Sowell might have a future with the Bears depending on what they decide to do at tight end. However, Sowell isn’t a top tier tight end but his use as a blocker could be vital for the Bears.

Aaron Lynch-LB-Lynch was a bit of a penalty machine at times this past year and may not be back depending on which direction the Bears want to go this offseason.

Ted Larsen-G-Larsen is a valuable backup but he is getting up there in age. The Bears might want to try someone else for depth who is younger. But it’s hard to beat Larsen’s experience.

Cornelius Lucas-LT-The Bears may want to give Lucas another look to see what he can do. He will probably get resigned and the Bears will try him out as a backup.

Nick Williams-DT-Williams showed his stuff this past season and proved he can be valuable. I would think that the Bears will resign him.

Patrick Scales-LS-The Bears will probably re-sign Scales to help keep the continuity going on special teams.

Brent Urban-DE-Urban played a small role with the Bears last season but could be back.

Kevin Pierre-Louis-LB-Louis shined at times for the Bears. Depending on what happens at the linebacker position, he just might be back in the mix in 2020.

T.J. Clemmings-RT-The Bears could bring him back for depth.

Nick Kwiatkowski-LB-Kwiatkowski showed that he has what it takes to be a starter but he could command a lot of money. Consider signing him a tough decision and don’t be surprised if he isn’t back next season.

Deon Bush-S-The Bears would be ok with or without Bush. Let’s see if they bring him back next year.

DeAndre Houston-Carson-S-Houston-Carson is a restricted free agent. The Bears may want to sign him to keep some depth at safety.

Isaiah Irving-LB-Irving is a restricted free agent. The Bears may want to keep him for depth.

Roy Robertson-Harris-DT-Robertson-Harris is a restricted free agent and should be re-signed. He’s talented and has what it takes to play in the NFL.

Devante Bond-LB-Bond is a restricted free agent and it’s up in the air for what he Bears decide to do with him.

Rashaad Coward-OL-Coward is a restricted free agent and still has some potential but the Bears cannot sit around and wait for him to develop. He has to show them something or he could be allowed to walk away.

J.P. Holtz-TE-Holtz is a restricted free agent and may still have a chance at making the roster because the Bears lack depth at the tight end position. Keep an eye on this position as it’s bound to change a lot this offseason.

We will have a much more in-depth look at the free agents for the Bears as the offseason goes on


The Chicago Bears End of Season Thoughts

by Bryan Dietzler

The end of the 2019 season has come for the Chicago Bears and it was, in a word, disappointing. They were not able to add to what they did last season and failed to make playoffs after such a promising season last year. There is a lot to talk about and we will dive into just a few of the issues that are being brought up about the Bears and perhaps what they should do during the offseason.

Let’s take a look at four observations from this season, what might be wrong and how to fix the issue. Can the Bears get back to respectability or are they doomed to repeat their failures in 2020?

The Trubisky Factor-Remember, Trubisky made the Pro Bowl as an alternate last year so people thought that he was good enough to carry the reigns this year getting the Bears to the promised land. Well, it wasn’t meant to be. Trubisky, not through his fault entirely, and the whole offense failed to do much and took the entire team down. Granted, towards the end of the season he started to show some flashes but it was too little too late.

So, what should the Bears do about Trubisky and their passing offense? The best thing that they could do is to bring in a veteran quarterback to help Trubisky not only learn but also to push him to play better. They need to see what he can do with another quarterback breathing down his neck. Will he perform or will this little experiment, an experiment that has caused so much damage, be ended? Will the Bears be forced to go in a different direction?

The Bears must do what’s best for the team as a whole. If Trubisky isn’t right, and he isn’t, then they need to do something else. This offseason will be a make a break one for the Bears. If they don’t make a move at quarterback this team will falter again in 2020 leaving fans scratching their heads and wanting (and deserving) something better.

The Defense-Face it folks, this defense isn’t getting any younger and it will begin to decline unless they can do something to maintain what they have in it. This is/was a championship defense and was poised to help lead the Bears to bigger and better things. However, the offense was not what it was in 2018 (the year the Bears had success) and could not help the defense when it needed it most.

An opportunity was lost by not being able to do better. Now the defense is a year older and could be missing some key elements come next season.

However, this defense wasn’t all-world but it was very good. They still have some things to work on and if they can fix some of their issues, like at cornerback and linebacker, they should be able to shine again 2020. Look for them to be better and more dominant in 2020.

Play Calling-After watching just about every game the Bears have played this season, I have to admit that there was something wrong with the play calling. It appeared as if Matt Nagy regressed, in terms of his play calling, from 2018. Something happened and it’s was not good for the Bears.

Perhaps Nagy needs to hand the play-calling duties off to someone else to handle? That could free him up to “coach” the team and be much more involved in the moment to moment operations. Maybe the coaching staff needs a little bit of a shakeup? Something must get figured out because the Bears are wasting a lot of valuable time, effort and player longevity on the problems that they are having.

Knowing this is a critical offseason, you would think that Nagy would do everything he could to keep his job. This includes making changes to the play-calling duties. If he can get that in the hands of someone else, he will be a much better coach. That will make the team better and should help them to win more games.

Ownership-We all know that the McCaskey family is firmly entrenched as the owners of the Bears. Virginia McCaskey has been involved with the team since her father, the late George Halas, passed away. During her time as an owner, the team has been to the Super Bowl twice, winning once and has suffered some down seasons in the middle and after those championship runs. Lately, it doesn’t appear that they can get anything right.

The Bears are very loyal and there is one person that they may have been too loyal too. That person is Ted Phillips. This writer blames many of the Bears’ problems on Phillips. They have struggled under his leadership and it’s his hold on the purse strings of the organization that may have caused some of the problems that the Bears have had.

Chicago has done a lot of cleaning up with the GM and the coaching staff in recent years. Maybe it’s time to aim a little higher and remove Phillips from his position. That might make some difference in the long run. But maybe the Bears need to be sold to someone that can usher them into the more modern times?

Something must be done to turn this into a winning franchise or fans will lose interest.

The Chicago Bears versus the Minnesota Vikings Game Preview

by Bryan Dietzler

The Chicago Bears, coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs will play their final game of the season against the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday. The Vikings are coming off of a loss to the Green Bay Packers and are now just in the hunt for playoff positioning.

Due to the holidays and the timing, we will just have a short preview of the game looking at the numbers and the injury status of all of those players that are on the report for both teams.

Looking at the Numbers

Chicago Bears Offense

Points-17.3 PPG (30th)

Yards-294.1 PG (29th)

Pass Yards-207.5 PG (26th)

Rush Yards-86.7 PG (29th)

Minnesota Vikings on Defense

Points-18.8 PG (6th)

Yards-341.9 PG (14th)

Pass Yards-237.2 PG (16th)

Rush Yards-104.7 PG (14th)

Chicago Bears Defense

Points-18.6 PPG (5th)

Yards-325.7 PG (8th)

Pass Yards-228.5 PG (12th)

Rush Yards-97.2 PG (6th)

Minnesota Vikings on Offense

Points-25.9 PPG (7th)

Yards-357.1 PG (13th)

Pass Yards-226.5 PG (20th)

Rush Yards-130.6 PG (7th)

Injury Report

Chicago Bears Injuries

Taylor Gabriel-WR-Concussion-Has not practiced.

Eddie Goldman-NT-Concussion-Has not practiced.

Akiem Hicks-Elbow-Has not practiced.

Bobby Massie-Ankle-Has not practiced.

Rashaad Coward-OG-Knee-Has been limited in practice.

Prince Amukamara-CB-Hamstring-Has practiced in full.

Minnesota Vikings

Eric Kendricks-LB-Quad-Has not practiced.

Dalvin Cook-RB-Shoulder-Limited in practice.

Alexander Mattison-RB-Ankle-Limited in practice.

Xavier Rhodes-CB-Knee-Practiced in full.

Shamar Stephen-DT-Ankle-Practiced in full.

Jayron Kearse-S-Foot-Practiced in full


Minnesota 17 Chicago 13

Video: Bears Set to Battle the Vikings in Week 17 Finale in Minnesota

The Bears will play the Vikings in the week 17 finale as they get ready for the offseason. Here’s a video preview.

The Chicago Bears versus the Kansas City Chiefs Game Preview

. Hby Bryan Dietzler

The 7-7 Chicago Bears, coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday will take on the deadly Kansas City Chiefs this coming Sunday night at Soldier Field. The Chiefs, having sealed a trip to the playoffs already, come in with a record 10-4 record and are coming off of a win against the Broncos.

Having already locked up the AFC West, one would think that the Chiefs may go ahead and rest their starters but there is still some playoff positioning to be gained so the Chiefs will want to win this game. This means that their starters are going to play.

With that, it’s going to be tough for the Bears to win this game but it’s not impossible.

But will the Bears be inspired to play well despite the fact they have nothing to play for? It all depends on the coaching staff and how motivated they have their team on Sunday.

The following is a look at the Bears versus the Chiefs game from the perspective of the numbers that represent what both teams have done over the course of the season. There will be insight into both their offense and defense as well as a look at the injury report. There is a score prediction as well.

Can the Bears beat the Chiefs? Let’s find out.

Bears on Offense

Chicago’s offense wasn’t that effective against the Green Bay Packers this past Sunday after having done some great things against the Cowboys the week before. The Bears offense, in a word, stinks. They have struggled to put up points all year and have been relatively ineffective. Now, as they head into an unsure offseason, they prepare to look in the mirror and try to figure out what to do on offense.

The Bears aren’t strong on offense, by any means, and their numbers show it. When it comes to total points scored, the Bears are averaging just 18.3 points per game which is 26th in the league. They have been playing a little bit better and scoring a few more points but this average is not going to cut it. The Bears need to score more points, especially against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chief’s scoring defense is allowing just 20.3 points per game which is 11th in the league. It would appear that the Bears will have their work cut out for them trying to score on this defense and the Bears have struggled, all season, trying to score. Can it be a different story with the Chiefs?

The Bears are ranked 28th in total yards averaging just 298.4 yards per game on offense. The Chiefs are giving up a bit more than that, averaging 356.7 yards per game which is ranked 18th in the league. The Bears have been doing a little bit better, lately, with their numbers but still struggle to move the ball especially when it’s most important.

Chicago has picked up its passing game a little bit over the last few games but is still ranked close to the bottom in passing yards. The Bears are 25th in the league in passing yards averaging 212.8 yards per game through the air. Mitchell Trubisky, the Bears’ quarterback, has picked up his play a bit but is still struggling to play consistently and make the important throws. Granted, he hasn’t gotten much help from the play-calling or some members of his offense (including the offensive line) but Trubisky needs to get better.

These last two games will go a long way towards telling us just how far he has come. The Bears may base what they do in the off-season on how Trubisky performs in these final few games and decide what they want to do for their future.

These last two games will be very important for the Bears.

When it comes to defending against the pass, the Chiefs are the 11th ranked team in the league allowing 225.1 passing yards per game.

The rushing game has traditionally been Chicago’s bread and butter but this season it has not been. They are averaging a lowly 85.6 yards per game which makes them 29th in the NFL. The Bears have not been able to find anything on the ground this year. They have the horses to get the ball moving on the ground but are either not running the ball effectively or not running it enough.

There might be some medicine coming for the Bears anemic rushing game, however. The Chiefs’ defense is not doing that well against the run and has been allowing 131.6 yards per game which means that they are ranked a lowly 26th in the league. The Bears need to run early and run often in order to find some success in this game. Look for them to get the run established early if head coach Matt Nagy is willing to call plays that feature the run.

Bears on Defense

Chicago’s defense has bent but not broken that often this year. However, when they do break, they break at critical times. They have clearly digressed this season but are still playing some great football. This is a unit with a lot of great players on it and a good scheme that seems to work well, for the most part, but they have fallen short.

The Bears scoring defense is allowing teams to score just 18.1 points per game which is third in the league. That’s solid scoring defense. The Chiefs do have a powerful offense, led by Patrick Mahomes and they are 4th in the league getting 28.1 points per game. This is going to be a tough test for the defense. However, they have managed to do well against some of the NFL’s better offenses (see Dallas) so Chicago might be able to hold them back a bit.

Total yards is another strong area for the Bears this year. They are ranked 8th in the NFL allowing 324 yards per game on average. The Chiefs offense is ranked 5th in yards averaging 384.4 yards per game. The Bears are going to have to play a great game on defense in order to stop the Chiefs’ powerful offense. Getting pass pressure will help but that’s something they have struggled with this season.

Can they get their pass rush going in this game?

Keeping up with the passing game, the Chiefs have one of the best quarterbacks in the league with Mahomes. They are averaging 291.4 yards per game which is 3rd in the NFL right now. The Bears defense is a little bit weaker, mainly thanks to the lack of a pass rush. They are allowing 227.4 yards per game which is 13th in the league. Not bad but not as good as it could be.

In order to stop Mahomes, Chicago is going to need to get pressure on him, force him to stay in the pocket and bring him down.

Can they do that?

Finally, the Chiefs, ironically along with the Bears are one of the worst teams rushing the football. But the Bears sport a strong defense against the run. Kansas City is ranked 25th in the league rushing the football averaging 92.9 yards per game. The Bears defense is 6th in the league allowing just 96.6 yards per game.

Chicago should be able to stuff the run and force the Chiefs to be one dimensional. Problem is, that one dimension is a good one and will cause problems for the Bears.

Injury Report

The following players have been reported as injured heading into Sunday’s game:

Chicago Bears

Taylor Gabriel-WR-Concussion-Has not practiced.

Bobby Massie-OT-Ankle-He has not practiced.

Akiem Hicks-DT-Elbow-Out

Prince Amukamara-Hamstring-Questionable.

Bilal Nichols-Knee-Limited in practice.

Kansas City Chiefs

Andrew Wylie-Illness/Shoulder/Ankle-Did not practice.

Morris Claiborne-CB-Shoulder-Was limited in practice.

Rashad Fenton-CB-Hamstring-Was limited in practice.

Damien Williams-RB-Ribs-He was limited in practice.

Tyreek Hill-WR-Shoulder-Practiced in full.

Dustin Colquitt-P-Knee-Practiced in Full.

Kendall Fuller-CB-Thumb-He practiced in full.

Patrick Mahomes-QB-Right Hand-Practiced in full.

Derrick Nnadi-DT-Elbow-Practiced in full.

Score Prediction

The Bears are just playing out the rest of the season to see what they have going into next year. I think that they will play hard in this game. However, Chiefs, as long as they play their starters, maybe just too much for the Bears. I would look for this to be a hard-fought and close game. The Bears losing by just a few points to a team bound for the playoffs and possibly the Super bowl.

Kansas City 23 Chicago 17

Video: Bears Can’t Finish, Fall to the Packers 21-13 to Fall to 7-7

The Bears had their shots on Sunday, but in the end they came up short, getting beat by the Packers in Lambeau Field by a final of 21-13.

Here’s the highlights:

The Chicago Bears versus the Green Bay Packers Game Preview

by Bryan Dietzler

The Chicago Bears, who are coming off a huge win against the Dallas Cowboys last Thursday night, will take on their division rival, the Green Bay Packers this Sunday at Lambeau Field. The Packers are coming off a 20-15 win against the lowly Washington Redskins. This is their second game against one another as they met in Week one. Green Bay won that game 10-3.

The Packers have been leading the NFC North for most of the year and need a win to help cement themselves as the leader in the division. The Packers could be going places.

The Bears, on the other hand, have struggled after having so much promise to start the year. While they have very slim playoff hopes, if they can win and get some help, it’s more likely that they are going to be sitting on the sidelines this post-season watching the Packers play. But that’s not to say that the Bears aren’t good. They have gotten much better and have a chance to chip away at the Packer’s playoff hopes.

How do both teams stack up? Let’s look at the numbers and see how they compare against one another. Who will come out the victor in this game?

Let’s find out.

Bears on Offense

The Bears offense was quite a bit better Thursday night against the Dallas Cowboys, and it has been progressively getting better as the last few games have worn on. Granted, the numbers are still low but that’s due to the slow start that the Bears had and the inconsistency in the middle of their schedule.

Things are looking up, though.

Chicago is ranked 26th in the league in points per game averaging 18.7. This is up a little bit due to the points explosion they had last week (their highest points output of the year). The Green Bay Packers defense is allowing teams to score an average of 20.8 points which is 13th. This Bears team is improving week to week and I would expect them to continue that improvement this weekend against the Green Bay Packers.

Chicago upped its yardage total a little bit. They are still ranked 29th gaining just 289.5 yards per game but, as we have seen, they can put up some yards. Green Bay’s defense is 22nd in the league allowing 367.9 yards per game. The Bears should be able to get some yardage and keep the game interesting. Hopefully, with the help of their defense, they can keep ahead of the Packers and win this game.

The passing stats haven’t been as good as Bears’ fans would like them to be. It wasn’t until recently when the Bears finally got their passing game going so it’s not showing, so much, in the rankings. The Bears are ranked 28th in passing yards averaging just 204.6 yards per game. That’s low but the last couple of games have been breakout games for the passing offense, led by quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. He must have gained some of his confidence because he looked good against the Cowboys. But how will he look against Green Bay?

The Packers’ defense is allowing teams to throw for an average of 245.1 yards per game which is 21st in the league. While the Packers defense looks stout when you watch them, on paper, they aren’t as stout as one might think. The Bears need to take advantage of what the Packers could give them Sunday and air the ball out. It will go a long way towards helping them move the ball down the field and score points.

Finally, there is the Bears’ much-maligned rushing attack. It got a bit of a boost last Thursday as the Bears, including both David Montgomery and Trubisky, got it going on the ground and moved the ball effectively. Granted, the Bears still rank in the doldrums of rushing averaging just 84.8 yards per game which is good for 29th but they have the weapons to have a breakout game against the Packers.

Green Bay’s rushing defense is allowing teams to gain an average of 122.8 yards on the ground. This means that the Bears should be able to run on the Packer’s defense. That, of course, is if they plan to get the running game going, which they should. It’s essential that they control the ball and the clock and keep the ball out of Aaron Rodgers’s hands.

Bears on Defense

The Bears defense has been stout, for the most part, this season and continued to be that way against the league’s number one offense last Thursday night. Can they match wits with the Packers offense and slow them down?

Let’s look at the numbers and find out.

When it comes to points allowed, the Bears are giving up just 17.8 points per game which is 4th in the NFL. That’s a tough defense. The Green Bay Packers are scoring an average of 23.8 points per game which is 13th. The Packers can put up a lot of points in a hurry and the Bears need to be wary of what they can do. They always play the Packers tough but the Packers play tough as well. I would expect the score to be low because Chicago’s defense isn’t going to allow Rodgers and company to score a lot on them.

Total yards is always an interesting stat. The Packers’ offense is gaining 340.1 yards per game, total, which ranks them as 23rd in the NFL. Chicago’s defense is 10th in the NFL allowing 326.5 yards per game. If the Bears can hold the Packers while their offense gets going, the Bears could easily win this game.

The passing game is where the Packers have found their bread and butter, for the most part, but they have gotten some production out of the running game. They are averaging 107 yards per game on the ground while the Bears are allowing just 96.3 yards per game. The Packers are ranked 17th in the league rushing the football while the Bears are ranked seventh against the rush.

If the Bears can tighten up their rush defense, this could be a tough game for the Packers on the ground. And that’s exactly what the Bears need.

Finally, Chicago’s pass defense is an area that has been one of decent strength for them this year. They are currently allowing 230.2 yards per game through the air which is good for 13th. The Green Bay Packers have been gaining 233.1 yards per contest making them 16th. These numbers are interesting because you would get the impression that, with Aaron Rodgers, the Packers would be explosive in the passing game. But that has not been the case this year.

Rodgers has been somewhat pedestrian. Hopefully, the Bears can take advantage of that.

Injury Update

The following are the players that are listed on the injury report as of Thursday this week:

Chicago Bears

Ben Braunecker-TE-Concussion-Did not practice (he is now on IR)

Taylor Gabriel-WR-Concussion-Did not practice and is out.

Bobby Massie-OT-Ankle-Did not practice and won’t play.

Danny Trevathan-LB-Elbow-Did not practice and won’t play.

Javon Wims-WR-Knee-Did not practice.

Roy Robertson-Harris-DE-Foot-Did not practice.

Prince Amukamara-DB-Hamstring-Amukamara practiced in full and should be good to go.

Cordarrelle Patterson-WR-Hamstring-Patterson was limited in practice this week.

Green Bay Packers

Davante Adams-WR-Toe-Was limited in practice this week.

Geronimo Allison-WR-Knee-Allison was limited in practice.

Tony Brown-CB-Heel-Practiced in full.

Bryan Bulaga-OT-Veterans Rest-He was limited in practice this week.

Jimmy Graham-TE-Wrist-He was limited in practice this week.

Kevin King-CB-Shoulder-Limited in practice.

Marcedes Lewis-TE-Veteran Rest-He was limited in practice this week.

Blake Martinez-LB-Hand-Practiced in full this week.

Billy Turner-G/T-Knee-Limited in practice.

Danny Vitale-FB-Calf-Limited in practice this week.

Tramon Williams-CB-Veteran Rest-He was limited in practice this week.

Josh Jackson-CB-Personal-Did not practice one day this week.


The Bears and Packers rivalry is renewed again. Both teams are hungry for a playoff berth but the Bears maybe just a little too far out of it to get into the postseason. But they still have a lot to play for and are playing very well right now. It’s likely that this game will come down to the play of the defenses and the Bears have the better of the two. If the offense, in particular, Mitchell Trubisky, doesn’t make too many mistakes, the Bears should win this game.

Score Prediction

Chicago 21 Green Bay 17

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