The Chicago Bears 2017 Schedule Reviewed: October

By Bryan Dietzler

In my last article, we looked at the Bears’ schedule in September. They play three out of four games against playoff teams from 2016 and could go winless. What a bad way to start the year. But after looking at October’s schedule, it’s possible the Bears could not only earn their first win of the season but grab even more victories to help their record.

There are so many unknowns heading into the 2017 season that it’s hard to predict exactly what the Bears are going to do. It’s more of a “best guess” than anything else. But you can see some of the trends that have taken place over the last few seasons and get a pretty good guess as to what might happen.

Remember, all of this is just a guess.

When making these selections, I try to factor in what has happened to both teams during the offseason what, if any improvement has been done by both teams. For the Bears, I can only hope that their arrow is pointing up for them next season. You would think it would be after all the moves that they have made. And while they may not see a lot of success in 2017, they are poised for greatness beyond it.

So, once again, here we go with a review of the Bears games for 2017. This time, we will tackle the month of October.

October 9th @ 8:30 pm on ESPN Minnesota at Chicago

The Vikings were riding high last season before they met the Bears on Halloween, lost, and started their downward spiral. They did take the second game against, at the end of the season, leaving both teams with a win against one another in 2016. Now it’s a new year and a fresh start for both teams.

Minnesota made some moves to help get themselves in a better spot next year. However, they are still a little ways away from being a playoff contender. So, at this point in the 2017 season following a rough start, this is the team that the Bears need to play.

This will be a hard-fought game, but the Bears will have enough in the tank to get past the Vikings. Things will finally start clicking for Chicago here, and they will show the Monday night crowd that they can win. Along with that, with this being a division game, both teams are sure to be ready to fight it out. But the Bears will have the edge and get their first victory of the year.

Early “Don’t hold me to it” Prediction: Chicago 17 Minnesota 10

October 15th @ 1:00pm on Fox Chicago at Baltimore

The Ravens were not a “great team” last season earning a .500 record but no trip to the playoffs. They have done some work to try to make themselves better this off-season and may show some improvement. One thing about Baltimore you can usually count on is that they will have a strong defense. But, by this point in the season the Bears offense could (and should) be clicking and, barring injuries, could be doing just enough to look better each week. And they could look and do better against the Ravens.

The Bears’ defense may also be in much better shape by this time, and if they are, they should be able to shut down the Ravens’ rebuilding offense. While this game may not be a high scoring affair due to struggling offenses and stronger defenses, it should be a Bears’ win

Early “Don’t hold me to it” Prediction: Chicago 13 Baltimore 10

October 22nd @ 1:00pm on Fox Carolina at Chicago

After riding high in 2015, the Carolina Panthers came crashing down to earth and struggled. They have made some adjustments during the offseason and may look a little better, but they may not climb completely out of the basement in 2017. They have a little ways to go.

With a strong showing by their defense, the Bears can win this game. They have to contain Cam Newton, which got easier for teams last year. Hopefully, the Bears defense will be hot at this time of year with good health and greater comfort with Vic Fangio’s system. If they have both of those things nailed down, they could be capable of stopping Carolina.

I think that Chicago will be able to beat the Panthers, at home and continue their winning streak. This is a winnable game if all the pieces for the Bears are clicking. And it’s possible they could be at this time of the season.

Early “Don’t hold me to it” Prediction: Chicago 20 Carolina 14

October 29th @ 1 pm on Fox Chicago at New Orleans

The Saints have one of the most talented offenses in the NFL, but they will be developing some new talent on that side of the ball. Quarterback Drew Brees is one of the best and can throw the ball all over the field racking up yards and points. The suspect unit for the Saints is their defense. They have struggled the last few seasons, but with some moves made this off-season, they will be a little bit better.

Chicago’s’ defense will need to be at it’s strongest in this game. If the Saints’ offense is firing on all cylinders, which it will be, it’s going to be hard to stop. Chicago’s secondary needs to be up to the task covering Brees’ targets. They need to get perfect pass pressure against the Saints’ quarterback and need to keep New Orleans from scoring a lot of points. This is because Chicago’s offense will probably not be able to keep up.

This could either be a shootout or a lopsided win by the Saints. Unless something happens to tie the hands of the Saints offense (an injury to Brees perhaps) their offense will be hot as usual. Chicago’s offense will lack the firepower to keep up with their consistently productive offense.

Chicago will come out of this game on the losing side ending the month on a low note. Incidentally, their bye week will be the next week, so they will go into that week having lost some momentum.

Early “Don’t hold me to it” prediction: New Orleans 27 Chicago 17

The Bears will get some wins in the month of October and will look better. This team is built to progressively get better, and as the season goes on, they will get better. There is talent on the team, especially on defense and this team will start climbing out of the basement in 2017 and eventually get to the playoffs maybe even as early as 2018.

Next Up: The month of November and continued improvement.

The Chicago Bears 2017 Schedule Reviewed: September

By Bryan Dietzler

The 2017 NFL schedule was released a while ago, and a lot of people have taken a stab at trying to predict how many games the Bears will win.  It was harder to predict when it first came out because the draft hadn’t taken place yet.  It’s still difficult because mini-camps hadn’t happened and of course, we don’t know who is going to get hurt in between now and the time the season starts.

There are so many variables right now so predicting the wins and losses next season is very difficult.  What some people base their predictions on is how the teams’ did last year.  We all know that the record of a team the previous season doesn’t have much bearing on how they are going to do the following season.  So we can just about throw the previous seasons records.

What we need to look at is what the team did this off-season to improve, if anything.  You need to look at what players they added, what players they lost and what the situation is with the coaching staff.  All of that is critical to evaluating how a team will do the next season.

The Chicago Bears, simply put, are going to struggle in 2017.  But their future is bright, and quite honestly, they may not do as bad as some people think.  They still have some pieces that they need to put into place and have some player development to work on.  But anything is possible this coming season.

I had made a prediction earlier that the Beas would win more games than they did the previous season, seven to be exact.  But my prediction may change a little as I dig into what the other teams have done this offseason and try to see how they match up against the Bears.

I am going to do a four part series on the Bears’ 2017 schedule, month by month, giving my initial predictions as to what I think will happen with their games next season.  Of course, please don’t hold me to this, but who knows, maybe some of these “guesses” will be right.

Let’s start off with the month of September

September 10th @ 1 p.m. on Fox Atlanta at Chicago

The Bears start off the 2017 season with a visit from Super Bowl runner-up Atlanta.  That’s not a great way to start the year.  Atlanta’s offense is electric and should return pretty much the same set of players that it had last season.  Their defense is also going to be better, and Chicago’s offense may not be clicking on all cylinders right away.  Look for the Falcons to put up some points, but it won’t be a total blowout.  Chicago’s defense has a lot of talent but will they have the talent to overcome the Falcons high powered offense?  Probably not but they won’t let Atlanta run all over them.

The most interesting thing about this game will be that it should be quarterback Mike Glennon’s first start with the Bears.  He will see time in the pre-season, but this will be the real thing.  Fans will be tuned in to see how he performs and he will cross the threshold of being the most criticized player on the team in 2017.  The defense will also get some looks by fans and the media with a revamped secondary and, hopefully, better health.

Early “Don’t hold me to it” score prediction: 24-13 Atlanta wins.

September 17th @ 1:00 p.m. on Fox Chicago at Tampa Bay

Glennon will face his old team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in the Bears second game of the season.  While there are those people that feel the Bears won’t win this game, of any game this month, this is the one they have the best chance to win.  The defense needs to be on their toes to shut down Jamies Winston and the Bucs rushing attack.  If Chicago can make them one dimensional, this could be their game to win.

But the defense is going to need some help from the offense, and the biggest question that will be asked is whether or not the offense can provide that help?  Will Glennon and his receiving crew be up to the task?  And will the running game be able to help keep the pressure off of the Bears’ passing game?  With a balanced attack, the Bears can win this game but can the offense be consistent?

I think this is going to be closer than everyone thinks but still a loss for Chicago.

Early “Don’t hold me to it” score prediction: 17-13 Tampa Bay wins.

September 24th @ 1 p.m. on Fox Pittsburg at Chicago

The Bears will play their third game of the season against another playoff team from last year, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  If all of the big weapons for Pittsburgh are healthy, like quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, wide receiver Antonio Brown and running back Levon Bell, the Bears will struggle.  The Steelers are a solid team, and while they have a few holes, they can compensate for them.

The Bears will have their hands full with the Steelers offense but what about Pittsburgh’s defense?  Will the Steeler’s defense shut the Bears offense down?  That’s a huge question mark because it’s so hard to predict just how Chicago’s’ offense is going to react.  Will Glennon and his receivers be on the same page by then?  Can the running game help bail them out? By the third game they should be in sync but just how good will their offense be?

This game appears to be one that the Bears will easily lose, unfortunately.  Hopefully, it won’t be a blowout.

Early “Don’t hold me to it” prediction: Pittsburgh 27 Chicago 10

September 28th @ 8:30 pm on NBC Chicago at Green Bay

The Bears will play their first game of the season within the NFC North against the Green Bay Packers.  The Packers have done a lot of work on their defense this offseason and look to be much better there.  Their offense should be better as well so honestly; the Packers may be the best team in the division at least to start the season.  But the games between these two teams are always interesting, and hopefully, Chicago will be able to give the Packers some tough competition.

Chicago’s’ defense will be a big key in this game.  They must do something they have rarely done, and that is stop quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  But remember, the Packers were not only able to cause the Bears problems through the air but also on the ground.  Can the Bears put up a good fight against their multi-faceted attack?

And what about the Bears’ offense?  Can they match up against the Packer’s defense with all their improvements?  Or will Chicago’s offense struggle?

This game will mark the first time former tight end Martellus Bennett has played against the Bears since they sent him to New England.  Now he is with their biggest rival, so that will be a big storyline leading up to the game.  There should be plenty of bulletin board material by the time this game starts on Sunday.

The Packers will best the Bears in their first game against one another in 2017.  But, there are going to be brighter days ahead for the Bears when they play the Packers again in the future.

Early “Don’t hold me to it” prediction: Green Bay 27 Chicago 12

The Bears may end up going winless in the month of September due to a tough opening schedule.  Their best chance at victory will come against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but they could surprise anyone.  It’s the NFL.  Anyone can win on any given day.  Chicago will get better and there will be some winnable games ahead.

Next Up: October and the Bears first win

An Early Look at the Chicago Bear’s 2017 Schedule

by Bryan Dietzler

I may be a little behind the times due to what has been happening with the 2017 NFL Draft.  I apologize.

The Bears schedule was released recently and there is a lot to cover.  I thought that I would give a brief overview of the new schedule then do a more in-depth look at it a little later on.

The Bears 2017 NFL schedule is as follows:

September 10th-Atlanta at Chicago

September 17th-Chicago at Tampa Bay

September 24th-Pittsburgh at Chicago

September 28th-Chicago at Green Bay

October 9th-Minnesota at Chicago

October 15th-Chicago at Baltimore

October 22nd-Carolina at Chicago

October 29th-Chicago at New Orleans

November 5th-Bye Week

November 12th-Green Bay at Chicago

November 19th-Detriot at Chicago

November 26th-Chicago at Philadelphia

December 3rd-San Francisco at Chicago

December 10th-Chicago at Cincinnati

December 16th-Chicago at Detroit

December 24th-Cleveland at Chicago

December 31st-Chicago at Minnesota

The first month of the season is going to be a rough one.  They play three playoff teams, from last season, and take on an up and coming Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  It’s possible the Bears might go winless in the month of September.

October has some opportunity for Chicago to get some wins.  The Bears will play some teams that had were weaker last year and that opens the door to some possible wins.  With Baltimore and Carolina struggling last season, they may have a chance at winning those games.  But teams can do a 180 so, right not, it’s hard to predict how these two teams will be playing by the time the Bears see them in 2017.

Games against the Minnesota Vikings are always tough to predict.  Chicago could win so they might be able to get another one in October.  The Saints could be a team the Bears can beat as long as they can keep their offense tied down.  It’s not out of the question to think the Bears could get two to three wins that month. I might even go out on a limb and say they could get four.

The month of November is going to be interesting.  You have Green Bay in there which is always tough.  The Bears have been getting beaten pretty regularly by their arch rivals over the past few seasons but they have managed to squeeze out a couple victories here and there. It would be nice to get one (or two) against the Pack.

It’s hard to predict how the Eagles are going to be this coming season.  But in year two of the Carson Wentz era, the Eagles could be better.  Then you have the Lions coming to Chicago.  These games are always hard fought and even harder to predict.  This one could go either way.

They close out the month with San Francisco.  That just might be a win for the Bears.

December may be a good month for the Bears.  Cincinnati could be a win and Cleveland should be.  There are two division games that month, one against Detroit and one against Minnesota.  Chicago has just as much of a chance to win those games as they have a chance to lose them.  I am a broken record when it comes to the Bear’s play in division games because I always say that they are hard to predict.

Bears fans should be optimistic for the season.  There are some winnable games and Chicago should win (and will win) more than three games next season.  The playoffs may still be out of reach but they have an opportunity to start getting on the right path.

I will put out a much more detailed and in-depth review of the Bears schedule out over the next few weeks.  But my preliminary guess right now, without looking at all the fine details, is that the Bears will have a record of seven and nine (7-9).

Stay tuned for more about the Bears schedule coming soon.

Chicago Bears Draft Review 1.2: The Fourth Round Picks and the Fifth Round Pick

By Bryan Dietzler

The 2017 NFL Draft has come and gone, and there are a lot of people who are frustrated with the players the Bears picked.  From the first to the fifth round, there doesn’t appear to be a player that any of the Bear’s fans appear to agree upon, so far.  But there is one guy that was drafted in the latter half of the draft that might have the most impact, at least this season.  The rest have some work to do to become effective contributing members of the team.

The Bears had only five picks in the entire draft and had to maximize the potential of each.  Some people don’t believe that the guys from the Division II schools that the Bears picked up will be able to do much.  But these guys have potential and may be able to have an impact at some point.  We are all hoping they will.

Let’s take a look at the last three picks for the Bears, in the 2017 NFL Draft.  We will see what they bring to the team, what they need to improve upon, and what their roles might be in the future.

With the 112th pick in the draft, the Bears selected Alabama safety, Eddie Jackson.  There are many experts, including this writer, that feel Jackson may be the best pick the Bears made.  But he also has his critics, and some feel the pick could end up a disaster for the Bears.

Jackson was a four-year starter at Alabama who had a chance to come out after his junior season but chose to stay put and enhance his draft stock.  However, he broke his leg in the eighth game of the season and missed the rest of his senior year.  His draft stock fell a bit because of that.

He has good athletic ability, his range is decent, and he can stick with wide receivers and tight ends in coverage.  His previous experience as a cornerback will help him in coverage, and that had to be attractive to the Bears.  His special teams ability, in his ability to return punts, will be very valuable to a team that has struggled with that.  Another thing that they should like about Jackson is his leadership ability.  He was a great leader at Alabama and could eventually be one in Chicago.

Of course, his injury history does send up some red flags.  He tore an ACL and has a rod inserted in that leg.  Jackson does have an ankle issue on his medical report as well.  Some fear that he could get hurt and miss a significant amount of time.

As far as his ability to play, Jackson has some problems tackling with proper form and will miss tackles at times (16 missed tackles in three years).  He doesn’t hit with authority, and some runners can break free from his tackles because he doesn’t wrap up well.  With good coaching, he should be able to clean up some of his issues with instincts and reading the play to become more effective.

It’s possible Jackson could become the best player out of this draft, for Chicago, in the short term, if he can stay healthy and make some adjustments.  He definitely appears to be the most pro-ready of the five draftees.  Look for him to get a start on special teams returning punts and then work his way into the lineup sooner than later.

A little later in the fourth round, at number 119, the Bears took North Carolina A&T running back Tarik Cohen.  Cohen, a Division II player, has been called a “human joystick” by some.  He is certainly an interesting player that appears to be a gadget guy rather than an every down starting running back.  Cohen is well known for the “hype” video showing him doing a backflip while catching two footballs.

There is a lot to like about Cohen.  Some of his upside includes his ability to move in open space.  He can get moving one way and then change, suddenly, and go another leaving the defender grasping for air.  He can cut well and moves from side to side with ease.  Cohen sees the field well and catches the ball effectively.

His size is the number one issue that can be considered a negative with his experience being a close second.  He was a man among boys on the football field in college, but that was against lower level competition.  Some worry how he will stack up against bigger and just as fast or faster NFL defenders.  Cohen doesn’t always follow his blockers and will try to do a lot on his own.  He may only be good for just a handful of plays in a game taking up a roster spot that could be used for a player that could contribute in more situations.

A thought that arose from some that felt that Cohen could be used as a kick and/or punt return specialist.  However, he lacks experience there and may not work out as a return specialist.

So what place could Cohen have on the team?  It’s likely he will make the active roster in 2017 and could be used as a “gadget” guy.  They could get him out on the edge and throw the ball to him, get him in on reverse plays or make up some special packages for him.  He won’t see that many touches but his impact on a game could be sound.

I will have more on Cohen and the running back situation, overall, a little later.

The final pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Bears selected Kutztown offensive tackle Jordan Morgan out of tiny Kutztown.  It should be noted that Morgan is not going to be an offensive tackle but will, instead, play guard.

Some of the upside that Morgan has includes his size and body composition.  He’s a big guy with a thick body.  His arm length is sound which is good for a guard.  Morgan keeps his feet moving at all times and moves very well side to side.  His knees bend well blocking, and he gets his hands in proper position on the defender’s body.  If you have watched any of histape (even looking at his highlight reels on YouTube will help), he finishes plays.  Morgan stays on his man until the play is over which indicates that a hard worker.

Of course, his experience is a drawback and one he will have to overcome with NFL coaching and playing time.  His mechanics could use some fine tuning, and he will need to adjust to the nuances of being a guard.  Morgan may hit a wall, at first, going against NFL defenders but could quietly end up being a solid player in two to three years.

Morgan, provided he can develop well, could be a solid starter with the Bears sometime in the future.  If he doesn’t get rushed into action and has time to learn the NFL way he could be good.  He has the basics, and now he just needs the refinement.

Taking so many Division II players had a lot of experts scratching their heads and wondering what the Bear’s plans were.  But there must be a method to Ryan Pace’s madness. We will find out over the next couple of seasons.

And practically none of the players drafted in this draft, except perhaps Jackson, will be contributing much, if at all in 2017.  This draft was for the future and not for the here and now.  So we will have to wait a year or two to see how these picks pan out.

Chicago Bears Draft Review 1.1: Picks One and Two

By Bryan Dietzler 

The up and down feelings resulting from the Chicago Bear’s draft still lingers among fans just a few days later.  Some have called it the worst draft that the Bears have ever had.  Why not?  They seemingly traded away most of their good picks for one guy who is not a highly-experienced player.  Yes, the Bears managed to get some of those picks back and move around a bit but who did they draft?  They took three lower level collegiate players.  This is how some people feel.

But not everyone is so down on the Bear’s draft as there is a lot of potential in this draft.  The picks in this draft signify a strong movement to make the future better in Chicago.  Maybe not the near future but the distant future.  If any of these players make a significant impact on the team, it will be a success.  If they all falter, it’s going to be a long next few years in Chicago.

What can a person make of this draft?  We are about to find out.

Let’s review the first two picks of the 2017 NFL Draft, quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and tight end Adam Shaheen.

By now, every single Bears’ fan knows how much the Bears gave up getting Trubisky so that we won’t go into that.  Some say it was too much while this writer feels that it’s too early to determine if they gave up more than they should have.  From listening to reports, it appears as if the Bears had their eye on Trubisky very early on and wanted him bad.  So they did what they could to get him.

Instead of starting off with his negative aspects, I would like to focus on the positive things that he brings to the Bears.  First off, he is one of the most accurate quarterbacks in this year’s draft class.  His mechanics are sound and throws the ball with authority.  He is comfortable in the pocket and stands in to make the throw without forcing things.

His regular season interception numbers were solid, but he struggled in the Tar Heels bowl game against Stanford at the end of last year.  So some may worry how he will perform in big games.  And every NFL game is a “big” game.

When you look at what he struggles with, the number one thing that sticks out is experience.  He started just 13 games at UNC.  He has much less experience than guys like DeShaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes had coming into the draft.  Trubisky comes from an offense where he was required only to make one read of the defense and throw the ball.  In the NFL, quarterbacks are required to make multiple reads to choose the best place to throw the ball to.

Hopefully, Trubisky will be able to handle this.  Thinking about this more, it may take him a while to pick up the intricacies of an NFL playbook, but that’s ok.  He wasn’t drafted to start day one.

Unless disaster befalls the Bears at the quarterback position this season, Trubisky should stay on the bench and learn.  Then, he could be worked into the lineup in 2018 and become the Bear starter.  But they cannot rush him into the lineup.

We will take more time to look at Trubisky later on before the start of the season.

After trading down in the second round, to number 45, the Bears went after a small school standout tight end from Ashland named Adam Shaheen.  Shaheen, a 6’6”, 278-pound athlete, comes from a Division II school into the NFL with high hopes.  The need for a tight end was clear.  With Zach Miller injured often, Dion Sims not that productive (in the past) and the remaining guys “bubble” players, the Bears felt that they had to do something at the position.

Shaheen is a big bodied guy who could be one of the strongest tight ends in the game when it’s all said and done.  His pass catching ability is solid, and his ability to run routes and get open is sound.  The Bears will like his ability to catch the ball.  His blitz recognition is good, and he has the tools to become a good blocker at the NFL level.  He is pretty quick and accelerates well after the catch.

Of course, his level of competition at Ashland was not anywhere close to what he will see in the NFL.  Therefore, he will have a pretty significant learning curve.  He will have to learn how to work through defenders to get open and stay on his route and keep timing with the quarterback.  Shaheen needs to play less “stiff” and keep his body under control.  The Bear’s tight end coach will have a lot of work to do, but he could turn Shaheen into a solid pro.

He’s not a speedy tight end nor is his frame muscular.  But once he gets going, he’s hard to stop.

Many people questioned the pick because he comes from a Division II program.  But he has a ton of potential with room to grow. It’s possible he could end up being a solid pass catching and blocking tight end which is something the Bears could use.  A healthy tight end is something that they could use as well.  Injuries have hit this position hard, and they need some stability in it.

The future for Trubisky and Shaheen is going to be bright.  But here is the key.  If the Bears bring Trubisky along slowly and let him learn, he could develop into a fine signal caller in the future.  If they throw him in too quickly, he will stumble and fail.  There is no way that the Bears should be in a rush to have him get on the field.  They won’t be either unless something very drastic happIt’s.

Its likely Shaheen will have a big learning curve coming into the NFL after not playing against top-level competition in college.  He is going to see some things that he never saw at Ashland and will surely struggle to begin with.  But don’t expect him to be a starter from day one.  He’s likely to be the third or fourth tight end (behind Miller and Sims at least).  Then, he should work his way up in a season or two.  If he can stay healthy, learn and adapt, he could be an outstanding tight end.

Yes, fans and the media have criticized this draft heavily, and on its face, it appears as if it’s faulty.  But if Trubisky can turn out to be a star this draft will be a good one.  And if Shaheen can play well and grow into a starting tight end, the Bears passing game will be much better.

It’s way too early to make judgment calls just yet.  Give it time.

Bears Chat with Former Chiefs Defensive Lineman Jaye Howard

After not drafting a defensive lineman, the Bears are considering veteran options, Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun Times reports.

Former Chiefs defensive lineman Jaye Howard visited Halas Hall on Monday, a source confirmed.

One year removed from being a hot free agent, Howard would be an intriguing option for the Bears, who still have a vacancy in their starting lineup alongside Eddie Goldman and Akiem Hicks. Howard played in eight games last year, starting five, before finishing the season on injured reserve. The 6-3, 301-pounder had 5 1/2 sacks in 2015.

New Bears QB Mike Glennon Not a Happy Camper; Report Says He’s Upset About Drafting of Trubisky

The Bears shocked the NFL by trading up and drafting quarterback Mitch Trubisky on Thursday night.

Mike Glennon who was supposed to be the Bears starter this year is now relegated to being a place holder for the rookie. How long he holds the starting job is anyone’s guess.

Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune reports Glennon felt as though he had been cheated on, according to people in the know.

Pace called Glennon that night. “I’m excited about Mike’s future here,” Pace told reporters Thursday.

“I like a lot of things about Mike Glennon,” Pace said Saturday. “But one of the things I really like is the inner confidence that he has. He believes in himself, and he should because he’s a good player.

“I think any quarterback has just got to be able to brush off adversity and fight through, and that’s what Mike will do. I think we’ll handle that well.”

Chicago Bears Draft Review 1.0: Picking Trubisky by the Numbers

By Bryan Dietzler

If you have been following any of the stories about quarterbacks in the 2017 NFL Draft I have been writing you will know that there was one top quarterback I didn’t cover.  That quarterback was Mitchell Trubisky.  Why did I barely say a word about him?  I didn’t because I felt that the Bears weren’t going to pick him.  It didn’t add up, it didn’t make sense, and it just didn’t seem likely.

I am a man, and I admit when I am wrong.  I was completely wrong about who the Bears would pick with their first-round selection and I was also wrong about what they would do to get him.  However, I do think, that many people were wrong on this one.

To recap, the Bears moved up from number three in the draft to number two, a spot held by the San Francisco 49ers.  They took the 49ers pick while giving San Francisco the third pick along with their third round pick in the draft (67th), a fourth round pick (111th) and a third round pick next season.  All of this to move up one spot to grab Trubisky.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind is why the Bears gave up what they did to get Trubisky.  They also wonder if he would have been there at number three. If you read some of the reporting, it’s been said that at least two teams were trying to move up to get Trubisky.  The Bears did what they felt they had to do to secure him and get him drafted.  They gave up more than they should have to stop the other teams from taking him away from them.

But did Chicago give up that much to get him?  Let’s think about it in terms of the trade value chart that is often used for trading picks in the NFL draft.  Here is the way that I have it broken down.

The 49ers pick at number two was worth 2,600 points.  The Bears pick at number three was worth 2,200 points.  Chicago needed to give San Francisco their pick, so that gave them 2,200 points, but they had to give up another 400 points to make it even.

Chicago’s third round pick at number 67 was worth 255 points.  Combine that with their number three overall, and that gave the package a value of 2,455 points.  The Bears still had to make up 145 points.

The Bears added one of their fourth round picks, the pick at 111, and that one is valued at 72 points. Add that in, and the Bears had 2,572 points for the trade.  That left them just 28 points shy of the 2,600 mark.

Perhaps, to help make up for the balance, the Bears decided to ship next year’s third rounder to San Francisco.  We don’t know what the value of that pick will be yet, but at its highest, it could be 265 points, and at its lowest, it could be 116 points.  So if the Bears had the high third round pick next year, they would have given the 49ers 2,837 points in value overpaying by 237.  If they had the lowest value third round pick, they would have overpaid by just 88 points at 2,688.  But the value of that pick won’t be known until early 2018.

So, the bottom line is the Bears may have overpaid for the move up, but maybe they had to in order to secure the pick and keep it from other teams.  Rumor has it that there were a couple of other teams trying to trade up to possibly get Trubisky.  The Bears wanted him bad enough they did whatever they could to ensure they got him.

I have heard that fans feel like the team got “taken” by the deal and at first, it appears as that is correct.  It looks like the Bears overpaid to move up one spot to get someone that could have been there at number three.  But if the rumors about other teams trying to come up to number two and get him are true then the Bears did well.  Whether they overpaid for the move, that will be determined next season.  It’s too early to make a judgment call on that now.

It’s also too early to tell just how good Trubisky will be.  He looks like he’s got a lot of skill, but he has some weaknesses that will need to be overcome.  Hopefully, he will be able to adapt to the NFL iin time.  Perhaps he will eventually be the franchise quarterback that management hoped he will be when they drafted him.

So there you go Bears fans, we now have a “franchise” quarterback.  He is ready to begin his ascent from a college quarterback who started just 13 games to a full-time NFL quarterback.  Sure, drafting him may still sting right now and it will for a while.  But if this works out, Bears fans will cast aside this disappointment and bask in the glow of success.

If this doesn’t work out, it means another regime change is coming.  If this fails, it can be assured that the coaching staff will get let go quickly.  And Ryan Pace will probably never be a general manager in the league again.

Bears fans should hope that this works out.  It’s either going to make the franchise great or sink to the bottom of the league for several more seasons.

Stay tuned for additional coverage of this and all the Bears picks made in the 2017 NFL Draft.

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