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Hester Enjoying Role As Decoy In Practice

The Bears selected Devin Hester from the ‘U’ with the 57th pick in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Devin Hester is proving in practice that he can be a difference-maker even when he doesn’t touch the ball.

When Rex Grossman fakes a reverse to the Windy City Flyer, a bunch of defenders usually chase Hester in respect, leaving wide open green pastures for RB Cedric Benson.

“That’s the fun part, running a fake reserve and seeing everybody run at you and Ced is way over on the other side of the field,” Hester said. “It just cracks me up.”

Hester may not be as fast or as experienced as receiver Bernard Berrian on deep go routes, but the converted cornerback is clearly the quickest player on the practice field.

Hester made a move to spin away from rookie cornerback Corey Graham after catching a pass this week in practice that left many of his teammates in absolute awe.

“Any receiver will tell you whenever he gets his hands on the ball it’s a great feeling,” Hester said. “Once you get your hands on the ball, it’s showtime.”

With this new added weapon to the one time ‘boring’ Bears offense, number 23 is just getting started, and from reading reports on his play and veteran-like instincts in his practice, he is fully capable of making an instant impact straight from the get-go. Hester, the Riviera Beach Pro Bowler return specialist , who took the pigskin a total of seven (3 via PR, 3 KR, and 1 on missed FG) , count ’em seven- times to the house last year, can make Rex Grossman’s job (in a contract year) a lot easier. With his big-play ability as a return specialist, he can now show what he can make happen on the offensive side of the ball as a WR/RB/Playmaker/decoy. With the Bears at times struggling to keep key drives or just possessions alive on 3rd downs, #23 will be there on the gridiron when his quarterback has the ball, surely having his say if the Bears are ready to pick it up a notch, becoming a top offense. Whether lined up in the backfield with fellow teammate Cedric Benson or rookie speedster Garrett Wolfe, or out wide next to Bernard Berrian or ready playing slot reciever next to Moose, Devin Hester will bring a fresh look to a stale Bears offense that will need to improve in the passing department. Hester should bring a new added dimension to the passing attack, not to mention also rookie TE Greg Olsen. With his presence on the field, it should open a wide array of options for Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner. Defenses will have to key on him at all times, making open way for the running game and deep ball off play-action. Coach Lovie Smith has himself a Super Bowl Contender that has a new piece on offense that is ready to SHINE, not only with the ball in his hands, but as a decoy too, which will be a threat to opposing foes wanting to stop the Bears offense in ’07.

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