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Bears Receive 3 More Picks, Extra Help In 7th Round


More Room To Reach: The Bears were awarded the 243rd, 247th and 248th overall picks in the seventh round after losing free agents Alfonso Boone, Justin Gage, Todd Johnson and Ian Scott; while signing Anthony Adams.

The three compensatory picks awarded to the team will give the Bears a total of 11 selections in this year’s draft (April 26-27) – one in each of the seven rounds and an additional third-round choice acquired last year from San Diego in a draft-day deal.

Draft Overview, Looking Ahead:  What You Can Expect From Bears, Team’s Stratgey, And Significance Of The Draft

Searching For The Next “Marquee” Player: While they are only 7th round draft picks, you still cannot sleep on ’em. As you have to keep in mind recent late-round values that turned out to be gems, good enough players that will now make GM’s stay awake during the 7th round, trying to find that everydown player on defense or that playmaker on offense. Like for instance, a standout All-Pro caliber wideout that goes by the name of Marques Colston (Saints), he was drafted in the 7th round out of Hofstra as a “raw” intriguing prospect with talent, now he is a legitimate go-to-guy that can make the big plays look “easy” in the Big Easy. Or how about a pick who developed into a key contributor on a championship squad, like the speedster from Marshall, who was considered too small at 5’8” – RB Ahmad Bradshaw (Giants) now makes “big” plays in the Big Apple for the NFL’s best. Or you have our very own CB Trumaine McBride (Ole Miss), who at the time was considered to be just an undersized defensive back, hoping to make it on the team as a special teams at the very best, now McBride has experience, as he filled in as a key starter in the secondary, while playing extremely well from time to time. These are a few simple examples of successful 7th rounders, giving the Bears some more hope in this month’s draft, making truth to the story that this team can turnaround a horrendous 7-9 campaign in 2007 – if they play their cards right, as they have been dealt a good hand this draft, with lots of potential cards in the fold. Mix in their past Day 2 success (ex. Vasher, A.Brown, Anderson), their extra third rounder (flexibility), and one of the best draft scouts (Greg Gabriel) at their arsenal, you can make a case for the Bears having themselves a tremendous draft class and a bright ’08 season to go along with a promising future.

Re-Build Via The Draft: It is said that you rebuild through the Draft and you become a winner through the Draft and I believe that the more picks GM Jerry Angelo has to improve his team, the better the chances he has to show his product to resembles that of the ’06 squad that represented the NFC, not the ’07 squad that was a complete debacle.

Saving Improvement For The Draft – 7 Rounds To Enhance Team’s Chances: The picture I’m obviously trying to paint is clear – you can find solid, impact players in the 7th round – football players that can make a difference right away, displaying their skills and worth to help benefit your team. Albeit, there may not be a player that has the caliber like a Colston, Bradshaw, or McBride that can play right away or fill a need in this year’s draft, but you might want to consider that any extra picks to help the Bears remodel Ron Turner’s struggling offense or bolster the safety/defensive tackle position, obtaining depth to revamp Bob Babich’s unit, it may just go a long way in strengthening a weakness on a team with many needs to be taken care of in order to help the Bears in becoming a playoff team once again.

Going Back 5 Years, Or Laying Down Rock-Solid Foundation For The Next 5 Years: Is this the exact/right way to build a winner, is the Draft the “main” ingredient to help stir together a winning formula, is this a recipe for success or disaster? Waiting for the Draft seems to be the way to remodel the team nowadays and it’s the route Chicago’s front office has chosen to travel. Taking care of major business via rookies (Draft), not veterans (Off-Season) (filling needs), though it may be a risky proposition, is a highly bold route to take, but I still confidence in Mr. Angelo to get what needs to be done, finding what needs to be addressed going down his shopping list of needs (OL, RB, WR, QB, S, DT). You can fault the Bears for relying on the Draft heavily this year, as you can see this season and maybe the future hinging upon the outcome of the last weekend in April. You can say this (like I’ve said before) the Draft will either make or break the Bears, either setting them back 5 years or paving the way to a strong future for the next 5 years. All the little things add up and any team, especially the Bears, can use help from the late rounds – even if it comes down to finding value in the 7th round.

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