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Angelo Says Benson Not Going to Be Released


Despite the issues that surround running back Cedric Benson with his latest arrest, GM Jerry Angelo says that cutting the former first-round back are not in the cards. “There’s no plans to cut him,” he said to the Daily Herald. “I’m a little surprised it’s an everyday story, but unfortunately it is and he’s having to deal with it. I’m not anticipating any reason why he wouldn’t be [in training camp]. We’ll just let the courts decide what the facts are and we’ll go from there.”

Benson did not have a very strong 2007 season, with just 3.4 yards per carry, but right now he is still the Bears feature back, and while he didn’t have a great season, he did have a few games in which he showed flashes, like week two against KC with 101 yards and week 11 at Seattle with 89 yards and a touchdown.

It seems that Benson is still part of the Bears plans in 2008, and if he can get through this latest round of legal issues that surround him with the boating while intoxicated arrest, it looks like a no-brainer he’ll be on the roster competing for the starting role at RB (job is up for grabs, no clear-cut favorite) when training camp opens and the season starts for Chicago.



  1. rob/teacher

    May 12, 2008 at 10:47 am

    The bears have no choice but to keep Benson.They don’t have anyone else proven at the position. Bring in a veteran such as Dominic Rhodes. He does have a SB ring. What running back on the bears has one?

  2. #1bearsfan

    May 12, 2008 at 12:40 pm

    I agree the bears should not release him over this incident.he just got caught parked on his boat with some friends,having a few beers.big deal,actually it sounds pretty good.hi profile individuals always seem worse when they get caught doing the same things us regular folks do all the time! benson said recently he is in the best shape of his career!angelo reiterated that statement.if this is true & benson can come in & finally play to his potential.if he can help the bears,backing up Forte,then great! if benson doesnt play well,or has a bad attitude,we should cut him before the regular season starts.then sign a free agent R.B.for 1 yr,till Forte gets comfortable.I like this Forte kid,he was way overlooked!! kudo’s to angelo & his staff.Forte was 2nd in the nation with 2217 yds,23 T.D’s and scoring(points).he also had 282 yds on 32 receptions.last years out-put was 7th best in ncaa was talking about him,at all.he was a 4 year 3-down back starter at 4 years he had 4188 Y.D’s & 38 T.D’s.not too bad! I liked mendenhall,but he only had 1 year of production to look at,in a spread offense? Forte is a much more proven prospect.he is big & can get to the outside as well.he also blocks really well.he also excels catching the ball.I am glad the bears didnt reach for a 1 year wonder.we have not had good luck i am glad we took Forte.I am excited to see him play.they say he looked comfortable & fluid in rookie weekend.but no matter who they are.But you never know about ANY PICK until THEY ACTUALLY PLAY at this level! GOOD LUCK BEARS IN 2008!GO BEARS!

  3. Russ Loede

    May 12, 2008 at 4:21 pm


    Let me Answer the Benson Saga with Questions!

    Rookie With Fresh Legs or Veteran Injury-Prone Underachiever?

    In Shape Back With Versatility or Out Of Shape Back With No Quickness or Acceleration (Can he Catch)?

    Player With Clean Record & Proper Attitude or Player Who Doesn’t Understand What Is To Be A Professional nor What it Takes to get the Job Done?

    Super Work Ethic & Excellent Condition or Poor Work Ethic & Bad Training?

    Player Who Maximizes The Most of his Ability/Skill or Player Who Forgets His Potential/Talent Level Along with Knowing he is an NFL RB?

    You Tell Me?

    Forte or Benson?

    How about Forte/Peterson Combo!

    We don’t need Benson one bit and he will not be missed!

    Coming Up Next: Bears Banter Volume 6 (Part 3 of 3), 5 Reasons To Cut Benson/5 Reasons To Keep Him, and Bears Blog of the Week: 2 Years Removed from Super Bowl – Are the Bears That Bad or was the Hype Just Not That Legit, Is The Media Right?

    Get Your Comments & Feedback In Soon!

    Thanks for the Voices/Opinions,

    Bears Gab Site Editor

  4. #1bearsfan

    May 13, 2008 at 11:57 am

    I definitely like Forte as the featured back,but not with peterson.peterson has shown he is better suited as a 3rd string back,his value is on special teams.where he excelled,full time.I agree with you to get rid of benson.but not until after the season.unless he shows up,not ready to play well or has an attitude.then release him before the season starts.benson unfortunately is our best option for this season.if he is in the best shape of his career.then he can help us as a compliment to seasons end we should release him though,no matter what happens.we will be in a better position next year,to replace much as i dislike him,i am trying to see what will be best for the team.angelo did say he thought benson looked like he was in the best shape,as benson with the cap hit & lack of experience & talent we have at makes good business sense to keep him for this season.there really isnt anyone better out there,that wouldnt be a waste of money.alexander cant even find a team right now.benson already knows the offense as well.if he plays to potential,he could help alot this year.while Forte gets acclimated.Forte & Benson could really do some bruising & damage to a defense over the course of the game!but only if benson decides to lay it all out on the field this season we can draft our Q.B & another running back in the early rounds.GOD BLESS! GO BEARS!

  5. Russ Loede

    May 13, 2008 at 7:30 pm

    What has Ced done to merit a second chance?

    What has Mr. Benson done to deserve another go-around with us?

    He has done more harm than good.

    Ever since his super-long training camp holdout he has been a mess.

    I know AP is just a 3rd down back and better on the ST unit than he is at the RB role but he’s more reliable, durable, and versatile than Ced. Ced was supposed to be a great goal line/short yardage powerhouse/workhorse – so far he’s just an underachiever who can only do wrong and only hold up a spot on the IR. Only reason to keep him is because of money reason and the cap hit factor that’ll come into play.

    What makes you think Benson will change his attitude and/or performance on the field? Nothing as of yet…

    Forte is our best option now. Good balanced, healthy back.

    Benson is never in shape – that’s a big “IF” to say if he’s in shape…

    Talk is “cheap” and him being in shape is just all “HYPE” and “rumor” until he actually shows it and proves it during the regular season.

    His has been coming off some major/serious every year since he came into the league.

    He just Can’t seem to stay Healthy!

    The OL will determine our offensive effectiveness this season in ’08!



  6. #1bearsfan

    May 14, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    Good luck to the bears in 2008!!

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