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Dead End Ahead: Road to Super Bowl Blocked By Lack of Offense

The “Rallying Cry” for the Chicago Bears in 2008: “TAMPA” You’ve heard this following line coined or phrased uttered before, often said to describe an over-matched team as they prepare to face the opponent that will truly and completely dismantle ’em: “It was over before it even got started”. This is how I feel about the Chicago Bears chances to make another run at the Super Bowl, let alone the Playoffs. While all teams believe they can contend for the Vince Lombardi Trophy (rightfully so) in the hot, muggy summer months of camp, it’s one incredible dream if the Bears think they can make it back to the big stage where they were under the spotlight just less than two years ago – I know you’re thinking the trip to Miami seems so far removed, along with the biggest question: What has happened to the team that represented the NFC in ’06?

Though I cannot give you the answers to “all” the Bears problems, I can you give you the 10 biggest questions staring/glaring/blinding the Monsters of the Midway this upcoming season. The questions/concerns that arise and will plague this squad from the Windy City, preventing ’em to travel down the road to Super Bowl XLIII, let alone the chance to enter January with the opportunity to continue taking the field – are too imposingly strong to overcome. Therefore, let’s take a look at the main reasons why the Bears have a “rocky” road ahead of ’em – while attacking the issue with the top 10 important questions the team needs to address and deal with in order to become successful (division winners) again in ’08. (Part 2 – Answers from Bears Gab Columnist Eric Cook)

1. Can the Dominant Defense/Special Teams Unit (Devin Hester) Overcome a Woeful Offense?

2. Does Two Quarterbacks mean you have no “True” Quarterback? Who’s the Leader/Let Alone the Starter?

3. Do the Bears have an “Identity” on Offense? Will the Bears be able to utilize their “speed” and get their playmakers the rock in the open field to showcase their skills – to put up points & move the chains? The Bears have enough weapons but do we have enough time to get ’em the pigskin with our offensive line?

4. Is this team in rebuilding mode/and if so, why would it be? Will there be any sort of balance/consistency/cohesiveness on offense?

5. How well will the two rookies with the most inexperience at two of the key positions on offense perform? Can the team expect ’em to contribute and perform at a high level right away? Are they ready to rely on Chris Williams to start at left tackle & Matt Forte as our starting RB?

6. When will a #1 Wide Receiver stand up? Who will play next to Tommie Harris/Mike Brown? Who is our starting left guard?

7. Don’t think I forgot about our health concerns. Injuries were a major source resulting towards the team’s fall in ’07. Will Mike Brown, Tommie Harris, Dusty Dvoracek, Brian Urlacher, Nathan Vasher, Rex Grossman, and Mark Bradley spend more time wearing a soft cap or a hard hat/will they be on the sidelines or on the field more?

8. Will the Bears bail out on the run early (like in ’07) in an effort to go to an exclusive pass-happy aerial attack because of a lackluster offensive line?

9. Does this team have the ability to run out the clock and close out games in the 4th quarter?

10. Is the offense playing it safe going to be our downfall? Will the offense turnover the ball over way too much in trying to be aggressive (Rex)? Will the awful 3rd down conversion rate continue, keeping the D on the field too long? Will the defense have too much of a heavy load on their shoulders? Will the offense give the defense a chance to keep the game within reach? What if the D does not play up to expectations and does not return back to it’s former dominant self?

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7 Responses to “Dead End Ahead: Road to Super Bowl Blocked By Lack of Offense”

  1. #1bearsfan says:

    So called fans like you are a joke! The only dead end is the blood flowing to your brain! It is fair weather fans like you we can do without! With so called fans like you,who needs enemies! The sky is always falling in your mind.The glass is always half empty.Why do you even bother,if everything is so bad? Your a joke, that does not understand the game of football or the Financial end of it.Thank god you are not making the decisions! I have been a die hard bear fan for 38 years.You have no clue what a true fan is all about.True fans support their teams.True fans dont talk smack about their team or back stab their players.True fans are there win or lose.You are probably too young to understand what a true fan is.You only support when the going is good.No team stays on top all the time,get a clue.TRUE BEAR FANS ARE PROUD & BLEED BLUE!! You probably are too young to even know what bleeding blue is! The true die hard Bear fans know what i am talking about.We need fans who support our team,not dig for negativities constantly! You should join the packers or Cowboys,if you dont like what the bears bring on sundays.Your opinions are idiotic,& us true fans dont care.Send your opinions to Mariotti,Die hard bear fans dont care to hear it.True fans start out each year with hope,not despair.The games havent even been played yet!! If you dont enjoy being a fan,your not a fan. Be a Fan or be Gone !!!! GO BEARS!!! YOUR TRUE FANS BELIEVE,& WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU!!!

  2. Russ Loede says:

    No Sorry Sir. You got me all wrong. Along with your #1 Team – Da BEARS!

    The type of fan you represent/display is the reason why I don’t buy into the Bears because you are a “homer” and can’t talk about your team because you can’t look at ’em with the proper, precise perspective/viewpoint. You are what’s wrong with the fan base, not me. On the other hand – speak truthfully and diligently and respond back stating why the Bears have a chance to make the Super Bowl. I’ll laugh – because TAMPA is a LONG ROAD This Year! A Further distant than you think, not the opposite/contrary. The offense is awful.

    This article is about the Bears & their offense denying them any chance to “sniff” the Super Bowl. I’m just stating the facts – and if you don’t believe we have 1 of the worst, if not THE WORST Offense in the NFL – then I’m Sorry for you!

    Let’s keep it REAL – These are the questions that will plague/haunt the Bears for not only this year, but for plenty of years to come if they do not address the current state of this squad – mainly the offense.

    Tell me why I’m wrong about their offense. You know you can’t counter this post because it’s right on the $

    I love the Bears and I’m probably a bigger fan than you are! The difference is: I am unbiased and know my team’s weaknesses and I’m not willingly to talk/address ’em. Fellow, you on the other hand – are way too biased and only will talk good about this team, even if it’s about this woeful “can’t watch” offense!

    Put this into perspective and step into reality friend – the Bears are in for a LONG, LONG, LONG season if they don’t Improve vastly on offense in ’08!

    It’s just sad to see ’em go this bad, this quick. Such a heartbreaker… So this article is mainly my beef with how the Bears are messing up a good thing. And all at the expense of a terrific, world-beating Defense and the most exciting & explosive playmaker in the game – the Windy City Flyer.


    Come with you A-Game next time

    Write an article for us here at Bears Gab


  3. #1bearsfan says:

    You really are a joke,as far as so called fans go.Die hard Bear fans want to win,obviously.but if they dont we stand behind our team anyways.That is called being a fan!!!! Die hard fan’s are dedicated to their teams,not just the Wins!You idiot! With Fans like you who needs enemies! You trash talk & back stab your players when they struggle.Hello,this is the nfl,no one stays on top forever.For die hard fans every year is a new year,& anything can happen.Die hard fans dont abandon their team,& trash talk them when they struggle.You are a fan of whoever wins,not a specific team.Find a new team,if you dont like it.You can say what you want,but as a so called fan,you are a joke! I have been a fan for 37 years.there have been up’s & downs,but it is your team.Win or Lose,true fans are there for their team,they dont trash talk them.this is my last post,there is no debate.You have already proved,you are a fair weather young fan.Debating with true die hard fans,only makes you look worse.The Bear’s are a special old time Franchise,You dont belong with us die hard fan’s.So stop trying to belong,& try & taint our great franchise.JUST because you have personal insecurity issues.Dont carry them over to this Great franchise.Win or Lose,dedicated fans love their teams.they support them win or lose.Your comments just make you look more pathetic!! You expect superbowls every year.But in the nfl,that just doesnt happen,grow up.You would be better suited picking the winner every year,rather than staying with one team.You have no business posting blog’s.With your lack of commitment to a particular team,unless they win.You have alot to learn about commitment to one team.People like you,strengthen my commitment to my Bear’s.Just go Away.we really dont need fan’s like you,you just bring the team down!!I shouldnt have to remind you that we have the best special teams in the league.& the top 5 Defense when healthy.We dont need many points to win,you jack-ass!! So be a fan or go away.we dont need you,you only hurt the team! GO BEAR’S!! GOOD LUCK IN 2008!!

  4. Russ Loede says:

    Nice grammar, old-timer. I would like to read some complete sentences and punctuation from time to time.

    You being credible/authentic/legit/a die hard? Now that’s the joke!

    You have to face reality sooner rather than later – are offense is our “Achilles heel” and it will hold us back no matter what the D/ST does.

    Bears D & ST In ’08

    Offense: The Absolute Worst in the NFL!

  5. blk dragon says:

    The Bears will be just fine in 2008. The experts all picked wrong last year their losing trend will continue. Real Bear fans all know this is our year. The cteam is ready to breakout. Get ready for the ride Beardown Chicago Bears

  6. #1bearsfan says:

    blk dragon: Nice to see another true Bear fan posting.True Bear fans are optimistic not pessimistic! Thanks for posting brother.Being pessimistic all the time like new age,fair weather fans like Russ.Take away the point of being a fan.It takes the fun & excitement out out playing or watching.Thats what makes the N.F.L so great.No one expected the Giants to win last year.Pretty bad when you judge a team,before the games are even played.Us die hard fans are excited for the upcoming season,its a new year.Funny how some so-called fans are there when the going is good,but not when the team struggles.GO BEARS! GOOD LUCK IN 2008! YOUR TRUE FANS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU,WIN OR LOSE!

  7. Eric B. Cook says:

    In Russ’s Defense I know he loves our Bears, with this article he is trying to delve into some of the Bears issues. He gave myself and some of the other writers the opportunity to respond and set the record straight even before he wrote this! Anyways I believe the Bears offense will “wake up” this years and surprise us, read my repponse below in Rallying cry Tampa!

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