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Camp’s Intriguing Grand Opening: Hester Holdout, QB Coin Toss, PUP List

Day 1 Fireworks – Williams Delivers Excitement & Eagerness for Start of Camp: While catching the “Breaking News” on one of our favorite contributing sites,, the signing update of 1st round pick and franchise left tackle Chris Williams, an enthusiastic joy and thrill began to hit me, a sense of relief fell upon me for a short moment as I thought our Bears were completely ready to begin Training Camp at full strength (Urlacher, all Draft picks in) with a healthy roster (Mike Brown’s back) in place.

High Hopes Come Crashing Down: Well unfortunately I had to realize that ecstatic state of mind had to end soon, and it sure would. So, what was about to unfold earlier this afternoon just a couple of short-lived hours after the Williams’ jubilation which sent me up in the air to Cloud-9, was a common theme that usually happens to followers of the Black ‘n Blue – as myself and probably many other Bears fans (you too Mr. Faithful Optimistic, #1 Bearsfan/my archrival and nemesis) were once again found red-handed and guilty of the “early” high hopes that so many of us feel/experience as we await the start of Training Camp! Victims like most fans, I was charged with the crime of getting excited before Camp had even opened, and let me say I paid the price and still am dealing with the consequences. The Bears hit their fans with a triple dosage, of “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”, more misery to add to an already long list of off-season disappointments. Not only do we have 3 key players on the physically unable to perform list (PUP), the “Windy City Flyer” is holding out, and on top of that, we have the biggest issue of all developing an interesting twist to the never-ending, always mentioned controversial QB battle – a coin toss!

More QB Talk – There’s A Simple Way To Handle Rex Vs. Kyle: Who thought a coin toss would determine who begins the 1st team reps at quarterback (only the Browns could have that problem, right?) in cha – isn’t that what a Head Coach is for? Shouldn’t the shot caller be in charge of making all the big shots, isn’t this why he gets paid all that money, to make the difficult decisions that will eventually prove he is right and the reason why he is the coach and being paid millions? Let’s settle this by giving the more accomplished QB the 1st team reps Lovie, unless he gets hurt, it’s his job to lose. The team doesn’t have to deal with any more undeserved controversy than it already has because the team can ill afford to have this chaos on its hands when they have more pressing issues to take care of, like dealing with one of the NFL’s most inexperienced offenses. Lovie should not have to keep an open mind, he should decide who’s to go under center now before someone else does. The QB’s relationship with the offense he is supposed to lead is crucial, and it cannot be worked on in-depth or into further detail if their the starter isn’t announced yet. How this QB competition going to help out the offense? I hope Lovie Smith doesn’t flip a coin in deciding whether or not Devin Hester should get a raise.

Jerry Angelo Get On Your Horse, Get Out The Pen & Paper – Bears Should Be Flying To Sign The Windy City Flyer: As for the NFL’s most exciting playmaker and best return man ever, the strategy/approach that should be taken is a quick, yet easy decision: Sign him now, make it fast – because he is past due a pay raise and he is absolutely worth it! A case can be made for the explosive Hester, that he is arguably the most important player on the team! Let’s make sure he doesn’t have to lose any more change out of his pockets ($15,000) for missing camp – he’s already getting underpaid as it is! I mean, he handled the situation well during OTA’s/Mini Camp better than you can say, the way Urlacher or Briggs handled their business. He did not publicly rip the team nor did he turn the contract talks into a fiasco. Hester’s doing the right thing holding out (we need him fully rested) and is making a “statement” – a loud statement that is, hopefully the Bears can hear him – sooner rather than later. Faster now Bears, faster. To read more: Hester/Angelo Speak Regarding A Likely Raise

Deja Vu – Hit By The Injury Bug: 1. The best offensive lineman on the team, one of the vital players the team is counting on to be in place for the entire ’08-09 season, the veteran leader, the only leader on offense, and an integral part to the team’s success, not to mention 86 consecutive starts – the man in the middle directing traffic, a cornerstone. The above mentions 1 of 3 players the Bears would love to have healthy this upcoming season – it’s the starting center Olin Kreutz, who is sidelined with an Achilles heal. Reliable sources (Chicago Sun-Times) have said the fiesty warrior (played his way around elbow surgery) is walking around fine. Let’s hope he’s ready for when the “real” season takes place.

2. Dusty Dvoracek is no shocker, he happens to be out with a bum calf (non-football injury list). As of this moment, as I write this, Dusty has overtaken often-injured Mark Bradley, who by the way looked well today considering the fact he showed no ill-effects from off-season knee surgery, Dvoracek has stolen the “most likely to be watching camp on the sidelines again” crown from his former Sooner teammate Bradley. I wonder who is going to get released first? I’ll take the wideout. As for Dusty, I would love just to see him in action next to his former OU amigo Tommie Harris. Just watching a few glimpses of him lined up with Harris on the defensive line against San Diego Week 1 made me see why we drafted him in the 3rd round of ’05s Draft. I see why the team loves his desire and play and his motor explains why he still is considered the frontrunner as the #2 starting DT. You have to admire his toughness and perseverance in an attempt to get back to full strength. There is no doubt he would greatly benefit our DL and run defense. Last season our interior defense got ran on up the middle a lot, and his presence only would improve our chances in stopping the opposing team’s ground attack.

3. Kevin Jones – Can Matt Forte lead the ground game alone? Do the Bears need veteran help at RB? Will Jones add another dimension? All three are valid questions and I believe an 80-90% healthy Jones can do wonders for not only the rushing department, but the offense as a whole. Jones is still working out his knee and its yet to be seen if the proven runner will be good to go come September 7th in Indianapolis. The real question is: Will the Bears 53-man roster be healthy enough to stun the Colts Week 1, as its also yet to be seen if this defensive unit can stay healthy and return to its dominant form, a big “if” when watching their performance from ’07 – and this could be the year the offense needs ’em the most. The defense easily is the difference between a 10-win team and a last place team.

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