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Franchise Left Tackle Stays True To Word: Williams Inks 5-Year Deal, $10M Guaranteed

On Time with an Important Decision: Chris Williams is a man who cashes in on his vows, a man who you can take his word to the bank – count on it! In this case, he came through like he said he would this afternoon, as he agreed to a five-year deal. Williams was chosen to come to the Windy City with the 14th selection in past April’s draft. The move-making, roster shaking Bears now have all 12 draft choices ready to go and awaiting to suit for Wednesday’s start of Training Camp. The 6-foot 6, 315-pound offensive tackle put on the pads and helmet in 36 contests at left tackle and left guard while attending Vanderbilt, as he finalized his collegiate stay with an impressive 33 consecutive starts. Williams garnered first team all-SEC congrats while manning the left tackle spot as a senior. According to NFL sources, the deal is believed to be worth $16 million, including $10 million guaranteed.

LT for the Next Decade? The hopeful answer to the Bears hole at left tackle surrendered just two sacks over his final two seasons in College Football’s toughest conference. Bears fans everywhere can now take a sigh of relief (could be the last time before the offense takes the field) – assuming they don’t look over to overanalyze the overblown, overhyped, overtalked about QB situation/controversy (hold your breath), an on-going battle between two incumbent signal callers that will have spectators and reporters alike going nuts during the next 3-4 weeks at Bourbonnais.

3 Things you can Expect at Camp: 1. A healthy (for now, hoping it stays that way) defensive unit to once again lead the headlines this Summer and to dominate the offense like usual, walking all over ’em, putting ’em into complete submission, as they will strike fear into their eyes.

2. The roller coaster-like ride which is the Bears QB competition – surely a laughable, entertaining “battle for the ages”!

3. The WR limbo to have more questions than answers – embrace and prepare yourselves to listen to Coach Lovie Smith say, “he loves his options at the position” (along with, of course – “We come off the bus running the football – we are still a running team first”). While the team still (since ’99 – Marcus Robinson) continues to search for it’s #1 WR, expect that the search for a true, legitimate pass-catcher not to end with the former Bear Marty Booker or the most exciting playmaker in the NFL, The “Windy City Flyer”, or any other WR as the clear-cut choice, for it will be a TE coming out to snatch the undisputed title as the go-to target. Watch out for none other than, former Hurricane star Greg Olsen to develop into the QB’s best friend – he is Jeremy Shockey without the distractions.

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