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Defense-less Bears defeated 37-30

Quick Thoughts – The Good:

1. Kyle Orton looked very confident in the pocket tonight. Showed poise, seemed comfortable and made smart decisions. Jump ball to Greg Olsen in the end zone was poorly thrown. Still want to see how his deep ball looks. I like how he is developing good rapport/connection with Rashied Davis. Really sold the play-action fake extremely well on the TD called back. Passes are still “hummin”. Threw the ball with the necessary velocity/zip to fit it in precisely into tight window. Looked incredibly determined.

2. Rashied Davis is a football player and maximizes the most of his abilities. Other than his dropped pass in the end zone (would’ve been his 3rd), he displayed excellent hands. I believe he will be the most consistent receiver throughout the season. Like how he always finds a way to get open in the red zone area. Has shown that he can be our 3rd down go-to guy, a capable possession WR – he’s “sneaky” quick and just makes plays.

3. Great to see both Dusty Dvoracek and Kevin Jones back in action. Dusty came up with a big sack on 3rd & Goal, along with making a nice run stop in the same series. If he stays healthy – watch out. Jones’ 34-yard dash, breaking a few tackles had me excited. I expect him to give us a lift and maybe he forms a solid duo with Forte. His cutbacks/vision on the big run were something to see – looked fluid.

4. Matt Forte reminds me of Corey Dillon – just doesn’t have the “tenacity” yet to stream roll over defenders. Broke some tackles, made great cuts, and showed the elusiveness and ability to get to the second level. Needs to work on a stiff-arm – that would go along well with his game. Wanted to see his hands in the passing department. Loved how the team went to him on 4th & Short. Bears have to do a better job of playcalling on short yardage situations, and it’s very simple what they need to do – just give him the rock! No rhythm in giving him the ball tonight. He can be a three-down back without a doubt. He attacks and finds the hole with regularity like a veteran.

5. I was just reminded on how I love the fact that we possess two physical cornerbacks who can tackle. Having both Charles Tillman and Nate Vasher on the field at the same time is a luxury. They are ball hawks and are ready to make a big play, whether it be a pick-six or a forced fumble at any given moment.

6. We have the best Special Team Unit in the NFL.

7. Danieal Manning adds another dimension. Tough to take down and showed some breakaway speed, along with nice nifty moves. Devin Hester can return whenever he wants, wherever he wants for all I’m concerned. Israel Idonije blocking field goals and wideouts blocking punts – if this translates over into the regular season, what a boost that will be towards the offense/field position.

8. Good to see the offensive line showed up after last week’s debacle in Seattle.

The Bad:

1. When is Robbie Gould going to make a kick longer than 45 yards? We paid him the highest amount of any kicker in the history of the league. Come on Rob!

2. Count me out of the Jason McKie Fan Club (never was in it to begin with, if there is so, such a fan club). He is not a good blocker. Drops way too many passes. Doesn’t break any tackles – I absolutely despise any play call that goes to the FB. We should never pass it to the fullback again – that’s what we have Greg Olsen, Desmond Clark, Kellen Davis, and Devin Hester for – just to name a few guys that can make something out of nothing in a small area of space. Let’s take that play out of the playbook and replace it with a misdirection screen off of a play-action to one of our athletic TE’s. Remember when McMahon used to run that play to perfection with Emery Morehead back in ’85? Let’s face it – McKie’s no Matt Suhey (well, who is?)

3. Brian Urlacher looks awful. Hopefully it’s just preseason, and him “feeling” out the game after going through neck/back procedures in the off-season. Missed tackles, coverage assignments, he looks very slow and out of place on the gridiron – he has to be in stride/step when it comes to dropping back on passing down in the Tampa 2 (tremendous emphasis put on MLB in this defense). Both him & Mike Brown played terrible.

4. What happened to Brown when he was sleeping on the long TD pass to Hill? What a long year it will be if he can’t be the last line of defense in playing the pass deep and over the middle. Maybe it’s just taking him just a little longer than usual to catch back up to NFL speed and to regain his instincts, as he recovers from past injuries. The defense is counting on him & Urlacher to bring their A-game come September 7th. Should we not be surprised if their play is not at an All-Pro standout level like it used to be?

The Ugly:

1. Where’s the pass rush at? Non existent to say the least. J.T. O’Sullivan lit up the D! Definitely a need for bringing the house on occasion. How about some blitzes. No excuse for only one sack. That should change once Tommie Harris puts his “gameface” on against Peyton & the gang.

2. Please cut Anthony Adams. He is worthless on the defensive line against the run/pass – doesn’t matter. I wanted to see a successful blitz by one of the safeties tonight, but I didn’t. Where’s the aggressiveness and intensity that I saw Week 1 against S.D. last season? Pick up the tempo and fierceness Bear Defense!

3. When is Marty Booker going to show up?

4. The run defense was picked to pieces on cutback runs. Frank Gore looked like Eric Dickerson. Up the middle, all around, through and by would-be tacklers – he had no problem whatsoever. The missed tackles have to be limited or else this defense will give up 100-yard rushers weekly with ease.

5. Can someone tell me why Brandon McGowan is any better than Danieal Manning or Kevin Payne? I cannot find a reason to why he is ready to be the starting strong safety.

6. Run the ball more. Keep it simple, though I would like to see Forte out in the open space on pitches, sweeps, or any other outside run plays. With Forte/Jones the team can keep the defense honest and hold their own with the crucial T.O.P. (Time of Possession) battle. The defense would like to stay FRESH. I would like to see more runs out of the 4 WR sets, more consecutive rushing attempts, and more conversions on 3rd/4th short yardage situations.

7. Any trick plays for the Windy City Flyer other than negative yardage screens? Where is the creativity? Now is the time to practice it in game situations. We have nothing to hide. I really wanted to see Orton air it out to Hester at least a couple of times, if not more. Get the pass interference call or just attempt to utilize his world-class wheels. I sure hope we have a play somewhere where Hester lines behind center to take a snap! Above all else plain & simple, just get #23 more involved – he’s our only game changer on offense.

8. Is Rashied Davis the only BEAR that is PUMPED Up? I don’t see many players motivated to win. You cannot turn the switch on/off in a blink of an eye. No enthusiasm and intensity, especially on defense. Where is the sense of urgency? Are the Chicago Bears in game mode? Indianapolis awaits – when will the Bears come out of hibernation?

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