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Bears Post-Game Thoughts & Looking Ahead

After 2 games I feel good about this team – the reason why: We are Completely HEALTHY!

Devin Hester (ribs) should play Sunday against Tampa in the Home Opener and McGowan (needs to play smarter) is going to be fine.

We have to beat the Bucs – this is a team we should beat, especially at Soldier. This game will determine if we can move from just being an “average” team to a team that can hang around with the “contenders” which would be with the likes of Philadelphia, who we play in Week 4 Sunday Night. We have to win the games we are supposed to. (Carolina game was winnable but Panthers are legit, plus it was the 2nd road of 2 consecutive road games.)

As long as we stay healthy and keep giving the talented Forte the rock, we will be in good shape.

Just keep in mind that GB will win the division if we continue to play “not to lose” when we have leads in the 2nd half. That’s just unacceptable. Well if Orton makes that throw to Booker we probably win. So in essence, we were 1 play away on offense from winning. This is could be the storyline and theme for ’08, sad but true.

Someone other than Forte has to step up! After the 9-yard draw we should have ran it again with Forte – the offense outsmarted and tricked themselves with the no-huddle, we had plenty of time (2 mins + change) to play it simple. The more we give it to Forte, the more we set-up the play-action, which was non-existent Sunday.

I like how Orton is changing plays @ the line with his audibles, even if it didn’t work I was impressed to see him take some control.

I hope we continue to play more nickel defenses with just Briggs/Urlacher at LB. I like seeing the aggressive 8 at the line. I want to see more of Jamar Williams, he should be starting in place of Hunter. Williams is better in coverage and has the skill to start. Vasher has looked awful so far. Our defensive line has been excellent, the main reason why the D has looked impressive and dominant at times.

Moving on to Next Week: We should dominate Tampa. No reason not to, they are similar to Carolina and this game’s at home. I want to see more passes over the middle of the field to Clark and Olsen. We are using the sidelines and outs to much and we’re going to pay the price eventually. I would be surprised if Forte doesn’t go over 125 yards rushing and our defense doesn’t get at least a couple of takeaways. Is the week we will see a kick or punt returned to the house? It would be the 33rd return TD under Lovie Smith. Also, it’s a good thing we won’t see Jonathan Stewart again – bring on Earnest Graham, I rather face a former Gator than a Duck!



  1. Joe Fortenbaugh

    September 15, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    Hey Russ,

    I take it you are related to Matt Loede. I work/write at the National Football Post and do a weekly segment with him on fantasy football. Anyway, here is an interesting piece from Matt Bowen (one of our writers, former NFL free safety). It mentions the Bears and I figured you guys would be interested. Keep up the great work!

    Joe Fortenbaugh

  2. Russ Loede

    September 15, 2008 at 5:46 pm

    Joe: Matt’s my uncle. It was a great add for the NFL Gridiron Gab Site and the fantasy listening base to pick you up as the Fantasy Football insider doing weekly podcasts. I do a few shows/podcasts for the site, including Fantasy Spotlight (they’re getting sick of listening to me all the time, so it’s good we have you now!)

    Commented on Matt’s article and talk pertaining to the Bears performance on Sunday. I really enjoy reading ALL the articles from The National Football Post. It’s now a “MUST-Read” on an everyday basis, being the big-time football fan that I am! Great INSIGHT from you (with the Straight Cash Homie/Mike Tyson Stock Portfolio – very creative), Matt, and especially Michael Lombardi, along with others.

    I typically agree with a lot of things Lombardi states. He talks about a lot of stuff you won’t hear or get from other blog, sites, and so-called TV experts. I learn a lot from going to your guys’ site. Some of the things I see from watching a game – usually Lombardi points ’em out in his article, and the points he emphasizes – are almost always right on the money! Simply, he tells it like it is!

    You guys are doing a great job at The NFP and I will continue to read all the excellent analysis throughout this season!

    Straight Cash Homie and Go EAGLES 2Nite,

    Russ Loede

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