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Report: Favre set to announce retirement…again

Okay, Bears fans – cue the cheesy lyrics to Whitesnake’s smash ’80s hit, “Here I go again…”

According to multiple reports, Brett Favre has informed the Vikings he is NOT returning for a 20th season in the league. Due to #4’s previous waffling, we Bears fans know we shouldn’t get too excited about the prospects of facing a Tavaris Rosenfels-led Vikings squad.

Not surprisingly, the latest episode in this annual soap opera for grown men is being met with extreme skepticism across the NFL. You can read what Bears players were saying in the moments after news broke of #4’s third annual retirement announcement, courtesy of Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune. In a nutshell, they share the football world’s collective skepticism.

So the inevitable questions every Bear fan is asking him/herself right now are…

1.  If he does the unthinkable and stays retired, does this make the Bears contenders in the North?

Call me crazy, but I don’t think Favre’s retirement has much of an impact on the Bears win-loss record this year. I have a feeling the 2010 Bears will be so maddening that on any given Sunday, they could play up to the level of any ‘superior’ opponent on their schedule or down to any ‘inferior’ one.

Besides, Lovie’s proven he can beat Favre-led teams. He’s 7-3 against him as a Packer and Viking, including a late season thriller last year that helped the Saints secure home field advantage in the NFC.

For your information, the Bears host the Vikings in week 10 and travel to Minny in week 15 on MNF.

2.  (When) will he be back?

Reports are that Favre’s ankle is preventing him from playing right now. But who’s to say it won’t be ready, or at least improved, in a month? This is the guy who played 18 consecutive seasons without missing a game. Think the bright lights of a season-opening rematch with the Saints won’t entice him to get off his riding lawn mower?

Let me be the one-millionth person to go on record as saying “Favre will be back.”

So Bear Nation, proceed with caution when badgering your Viking brethren…at least until Tavaris Rosenfels throws his first INT in a regular season game.

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