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Bears 4-year nosedive is tied to Angelo’s wasted draft picks

If a general manager’s performance is based on the success or failure of his drafts, Jerry Angelo might want to post his resume on

In 2006 the Bears were coming off a Super Bowl appearance, due in large part to Jerry’s handling of drafts, inherited players and free agent pickups.

But since then, with the team appearing like it had some staying power – thanks to a strong defensive nucleus that included Urlacher, Harris and Briggs – the Bears have taken a nosedive.

While there’s a lot of blame to go around, it’s easy to point to Angelo’s record in acquiring talent through the draft.

Here are some interesting numbers that uncover the 2010 Bears roster make-up based on recent Angelo-orchestrated drafts…

  • With Saturday’s release of last year’s first two picks, Gilbert and Iglesias (who was resigned as a practice squad player), only 22 of the last 42 draft picks made by Jerry Angelo from 2006 to 2010 are on the current roster. That number includes Iglesias, who’s on the practice squad.
  • The 2008 draft class has the most players currently on the roster with 7: Williams, Forte, Bennett, Harrison, Steltz, Bowman, Davis.
  • The 2007 (Oslen, Wolfe, Graham) and 2006 (Manning, Hester, Anderson) classes had the fewest 2010 roster members with 3.

To his credit, Angelo has scored some recent hidden gems – Hester (2nd round pick, 2006), Bowman (5th round, 2008) and Knox (5th round, 2009). But his growing list of misses is quickly becoming legendary…

  • Dan Bazuin (2nd round, 2007)
  • Garrett Wolfe (3rd round, 2007)
  • Michael Okwo (3rd round, 2007)
  • Jarron Gilbert (3rd round, 2009)
  • Jauquin Iglesias (3rd round, 2009)

Could rookie tackle, J’Marcus Webb (7th round pick in 2010) be the last pick Jerry makes as GM of the Bears? If the Bears are sitting at home in mid-January for the fourth consecutive year, Jerry and J’Marcus will be the subject of an interesting Chicago Bears trivia question.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. fb

    September 6, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    While there’s no doubt that Angelo has not drafted well, there is also the Lovie factor to consider–after Smith got his big contract, the story is that he began to flex his new-found muscle when it came to personnel decisions. Among those draft picks Angelo did not necessarily want and that Smith pushed hard for are Bazuin and Okwo, and likely others as well.

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