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Bears-Packers Buy or Sell? Part 2 of 2


Your Bears Gab editors (Russ and Jeff) go beyond predicting the final score to guess what will and won’t go down during Monday night’s battle with the Packers.

Read Part 1 of this 2-part series here.

9. ESPN will work in a shot of Cutler’s gal, Kristin Cavatelli(?)

  • Russ: SELL. It’ll be too cold for her. Will she even be at the game? Doubt it, highly unlikely.
  • Jeff: BUY. Trick question. While she may not attend the game, they will manage to include a face shot at some point in the telecast.

10. G-Reg Olsen will drop a pass.

  • Russ: SELL. Olsen will be only targeted 3 or 4 times, if that.
  • Jeff: BUY. A good guy…with occasional bad hands.

11. Peanut Tillman will force a fumble.

  • Russ: Ferocious BUY: Down goes Donald Driver with a right hook! Or a left jab? Either way, the ball is gonna drop.
  • Jeff: SELL. While I think he’ll have plenty of opportunities, a forced fumble in back-to-back games is asking a little too much…even for the NFL’s best ball-puncher.

12. Jay Cutler will run for a TD.

  • Russ: Stunning, sensational BUY. He’ll have an eye-opening, highlight reel run for one hard-fought Bears TD!
  • Jeff: SELL. He’ll have some nice scrambles, but none of them will end up in the endzone.

13. A reference will be made to Clay Matthews ex-USC teammate, Brian Cushing’s, (alleged) steroid use.

  • Russ: BUY. Matthews will be quoted making a show of support for his ex-LB mate.
  • Jeff: SELL. This game will have too much crap going on to find room for that subplot.

14. Jermichael Finley will be denied the endzone.

  • Russ: SELL. He’s Rodgers go-to red-zone weapon. Guy’s such a talented target/physical specimen.
  • Jeff: SELL. See Russ’s note above. And he’s my TE in all 3 of my fantasy leagues.

15. Forte and Taylor will make GB’s LBs/DBs look silly.

  • Russ: BUY. It’s simply a matter of when, not if they do it.
  • Jeff: BUY. Forte will make one of those patented, smooth cuts in the open field and Taylor’s shiftiness will get him some extra yards on a key first-down conversion.

16. The other ESPN analyst, Ron Jaworski, will propose to Aaron Rodgers at halftime.

  • Russ: SELL. Trick question – the proposal will actually go down well BEFORE the game…
  • Jeff: SELL. While he’s a fan of Rodgers, I’m guessing Jaws will get more worked up over the Kristin Cavatelli face shot.

17. At the end of the game, Lovie will have good reason to crack a smile like he did in his hometown (Dallas) last week.

  • Russ: An emphatic BUY! Smile Lovie, SMILE! It’s okay as long as you keep winning. Just let Martz/Jay do their thing, and pray your defense stays healthy. If so, you’ll have a job in Chi-town for 2011 and beyond!
  • Jeff: BUY! Depleted Pack secondary, home field, a Bears offense in cruise control and an automatic field goal kicker (Gould) will be too much for the Pack to overcome. Three and Oh(!) kiddies!!!
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