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Bears-Giants Q&A Part II

Knox and Olsen both are finding close rapport with Jay.

Part 1 with Giants Gab site editor Jeremy Fuchs

Bears 3-0 start: Fluke, or the real deal?

  • Real deal like Evander.  Julius Peppers with a healthy Urlacher/Briggs has the defense looking championship-caliber.  Jay Cutler/Mike Martz are meshing well with fresh material.  This team is not a Super Bowl contender just yet, that remains to be seen, however, they are the real deal like Holyfield.

How do the Bears attack Eli?

  • Let Eli go to work.  He makes mistakes on his own.  Go Cover-2 like against Green Bay/Rodgers.  Don’t give up big plays.  Less errors playing bend but don’t break defenseTake away the run, make Eli dissect the D and see how he performs.  No man behind you game plan.  More contain than attack philosophy.  Like the saying goes, “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

What do we expect from Jay Cutler and the wideouts?

  • Expect Jay to go to Knox as his feature target.  He’s clearly the main man for Jay.  Offense doesn’t necessarily have to have a dominant #1 in order to thrive.  They excel with yards after the catch, spreading the rock around.  Look for Cutler to be the same Cutler you know, loose cannon, overaggressive, gutsy, and tough.  He plays with intensity and is super-competitive, that will never change.  Earl Bennett will be his go-to-guy on 3rd downs.  Greg Olsen will be good for a few passes/jump balls.  Devin Hester has been involved, but as much as you’d expect.  Look for Forte and Taylor to become threats in the passing game, more so than against Green Bay on Monday night.  RB’s are trying to be used like Marshall Faulk.  Knox is your Torry Holt, Bennett your Isaac Bruce.  Attempt to duplicate the “Greatest Show on Turf”.

How big of a game do Devin Hester and Jonny Knox have?

  • Hester makes a few plays, nothing sensational like last week, although he will positively impact field position.  Knox is close to being a game-changer, he puts on his best Holt impersonation and impresses by going over the century mark, with one momentum-altering touchdown.

A lot of talk this week in Giants land has been about stopping Greg Olsen. How do you stop Greg Olsen?

  • Play him physical, and jam him within the 5 yards.  Bump and run, he’s not a tough cookie.  Also, he tends to lose the ball a lot, go for the strip.  Ball security leaves much to be desired.  Hit him in the mouth and take it to him.  Don’t let him get out in open space.  Finesse player.

Who are two impact players we tend to overlook?

  • Earl Bennett: Money maker on big 3rd down conversions.  Excellent hands.  Makes the catch over the middle.  Anthony Adams: Stout tackle on the defensive line.  Has made a career on being an outstanding run-stuffing specialist.

How will the Bears stop Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham and Steve Smith?

  • They can’t stop those guys, they can only hope to contain them.  D.J. Moore and Tim Jennings have elevated their player lately and look for them to cover the slot as nickel backs.  Charles Tillman and Zack Bowman, who was recently benched in favor of Jennings, will have their hands full.  However, Charles is a savvy vet, he will be fine.  Will give up his plays, but he’s solid.  Overall, its going to be a challenge, one I think the Bears need to just not let get out of hand.

What’s been the biggest surprise so far for the Bears?

  • Jay Cutler hasn’t missed a snap/gotten significantly hurt.  The offensive line he’s playing behind is pathetic.  Also, the fact we have two fourth-quarter comebacks is shocking.  The way we beat GB was that of a winning team.  The attitude, confidence, swagger and all is sky high.  The team believes, body language is different.  Coach Smith is making some bold moves (ie: Devin Aromashodu inactivated, Tommie Harris benching).

Matchup you’re most looking forward to?

  • Whoever lines up with Hakeem Nicks one-on-one.  Should be a battle, Hakeem is going to be a star soon enough.  I enjoy WR-DB match-ups, so, I’m interested to see who gets the assignment of covering Knox the most.  Your secondary is very talented, I expect both secondaries to struggle at times.  Nicks’ strength and Knox’s speed present problems.

Final score and winner:

  • Defense propels Bears to victory over Giants in slug festChicago Bears 20 New York Giants 12

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