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Victor 1 DVD Mike Ditka – Check it out today!

One of the greatest coaches in NFL history and Hall of Famer Mike Ditka is back with an excellent video from Victor 1 called “Get Coached.”

Ditka and the series is a great purchase for companies or if you have a youngster that needs to be motivated by some of the best motivators in the world, including Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, Mike Singletary and more!

Ditka is his usual self, making great points at times, shouting out like the old days of the Monsters of the Midway, and even spitting even now that then. Check out some of these lines delivered in the DVD:

“Be flexible, make adjustments, everything in life is not rigid, if it was, it would break, if it’s flexible, it will bend, and that’s what you have to do sometimes.”

“I overachieved, and I’ll tell you what, I’d rather have an overachiever than an underachiever. You wanna be your best, you take what you have and make the most if it – that’s how you overachieve.”

“If you accept losing, your a loser. What’s the point in losing? It should chew you up inside!”

Again, a great gift for Bears fans or those that need a little motivation in your life. Check it out at all major video outlets or on-line at major DVD retailers.

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