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Bears fans beware: Cutler could still break your heart

Despite his 4-TD game vs. the Eagles, I still have doubts about Cutler


Just because Jay Cutler is fresh off one of the greatest performances by a Chicago signal-caller in Virginia McCaskey’s lifetime, doesn’t mean we should trust that Bad Jay won’t once again rear his ugly head during a critical moment (or moments) of the Bears’ upcoming playoff run.

Yes, I’m aware he threw 4 TDs in a huge win over the Eagles. And I recognize the fact his 146.2 rating in that game was the 4th best in the long history of the Chicago Bears. But you should hold off on buying into Cutler 2.0 just yet.

Here’s why there’s still reason for concern… 

  • During the win over the Eagles that has the whole NFL abuzz, Cutler was facing a Philly defense without its top two cornerbacks, one of which (Asante Samuel) leads the league with 7 picks.
  • We’ve seen Cutler go from brilliant to bone-headed from week to week, hell, even from play to play. Did you know that during his 1.5 years with the Bears, he has as many sub-65 quarterback ratings as he does 100+ ratings (8 of each).
  • Over the last 3 years, Cutler has thrown a league-leading 54 interceptions.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a Cutler fan and think he’s potentially the best QB this quarterback-starved franchise has had in decades. But based on the statistical evidence above, expectations should be tempered when it comes to Jay.

Steve Young, a Hall-of-Fame QB and ESPN analyst knows a steady, consistent Cutler is the key to a Bears Super Bowl run. On this week’s Monday Night Countdown, he cried out to #6…

“Jay, you are a very good football player,” Young said. “You have this team’s ability to go to the Super Bowl in your hands. You cannot throw four picks, you cannot have those big boneheaded games. You’ve got to be the reason why they win, or why they’re neutral. Let someone else lose games for the Bears. You can do this.” (via the Chicago Tribune)

I hope Cutler puts together a late-season performance that calms the nerves of us skeptical Bears fans. There’s a strong possibility that with a combination of 1) an improved offensive line play, 2) a renewed commitment to the run game and 3) Mike Martz moving him around in the pocket, Jay could consistently flourish…or at worst efficiently ‘manage’ the Bears offense, a la Kyle Orton circa 2005.

But until he performs better (translation: less boneheaded throws and INTs) on a regular basis, be careful about putting your faith behind the guy who takes snaps from underneath Olin Kreutz’s behind.

If it means a playoff berth, I’d take Cutler-light (see his mediocre stats from the Dolphins game) every Sunday the rest of the year.



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