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Manning Says “No” To Bears Two-Year Extension reports that Bears safety Danieal Manning has turned down an extension offer.

Bears safety Danieal Manning rejected an extension offer during the season worth $6 million over three years, with $2 million guaranteed, according to NFL sources, but last week the team extended him an original-compensation tender. Without a salary cap and CBA, Manning is technically a restricted free agent, which means that if another team signed him to an offer sheet and Chicago failed to match it, the team signing the safety would owe the Bears a second-round pick.

The problem, though, is Manning will likely be able to command more on the free-agent market — which won’t open up until there’s a new collective bargaining agreement in place — if he turns out to be an unrestricted free agent. The prevailing thought from NFL officials at the combine was that a new CBA would likely change the qualifications for unrestricted status from the current six accrued seasons to just four accrued seasons, which is why players such as Manning — who has five accrued seasons — aren’t sure of their free-agent statuses.

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