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Former NFL GM: Defensive Line Over Offensive Line At 29?

Last time Bears drafted Big-Ten DL in 1st round: 2003, 14th pick, Michael Haynes, Penn State

Remember Alonzo Spellman?  22nd pick from Ohio State, in ’92.  Could a Purdue defensive lineman be in the cards at 29?  Tommie Harris was the last defensive lineman the team selected in the first round.  The last time the team had the 29th pick, they drafted an offensive lineman; Marc Colombo, Boston College.

Charlie Casserly, a well-respected voice, makes a case for the Bears selecting a defensive lineman first over an offensive lineman:

“As much as the critics will argue they need an offensive lineman I’m not sure that’s something that’s at the top of their list,” the former executive for the Redskins and Texans said Wednesday. “You might see a good defensive player fall to them, whether it’s a guy like [Purdue defensive end Ryan} Kerrigan as an outside pass rusher, maybe somebody along those lines.”

Could the offensive linemen available at 29 be close talent-wise, making no big difference who’s there?

“Those offensive tackles are so grouped together I’m not so sure that whoever you get — if you’ve got three or four of them there together — the fourth guy might be as good as the first guy in three or four years,” he said. “You can just throw them all in a hat.”

Corey Liuget, Illinois DT, would be the ideal pick; however, is he going to fall all the way to the end of the 1st round?

“Corey Liuget from Illinois is a terrific player,” Casserly said. “Maybe he’s a guy that slips down there. Doubtful, but maybe he would. It would be a heck of a pick for them if he drops that far but I don’t think he’ll make it.”

Every expert seems to link the Bears to an offensive lineman with their first round pick.  At 29, many so-called pundits and gurus have the Windy City addressing Jay Cutler’s protection over the defensive line.  Would defensive tackle be a better route to travel in the 1st round if you’re looking for quality, along with need?  Could you get a solid OL in the 2nd round, as opposed to a legit DT in round two?  Guys like Marvin Austin (UNC) and Drake Nevis (LSU) could be had with Chicago’s second choice, the 62nd selection in the draft.  How should the team approach the draft?  What are the top five needs?  Somewhere, another RB and WR has to be in the mix, right?

  1. Defensive Tackle
  2. Cornerback
  3. Wide Receiver
  4. Offensive Tackle/Guard
  5. Running Back


  1. bobs

    April 14, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    saw your mock and shocked no offensive linemen till the 6th?
    DT is deep in this draft and i like marvin austin or drake nevis in 2nd or third. I would love to see us snag jonathon baldwin over hankerson in the second. but i have to go with the experts with the #1 has to be a stud OT still availible unless liugut is still out there. if he is the bears can snag him rnd one baldwin rnd two and then need to look at o line maybe wizniewski? marcus gannon in 2nd. zane taylor and other o line projects will be availibe late but we would be stupid not to address our line in the first 3 rds. as far as CB go where do u think other CB’s might go like aaron williams, shareece wright or brandon harris? also gotta consider free agency if that ever happens. Carl nicks OT and nnamdi asomugha CB, malcom floyd WR all could fill holes on the roster with big names. Floyd would be perfect if we chose not to pick a wr in the draft.

    my dream draft
    rnd 1: corey liuget, or stud OT (nate solder,derrick sherrod, ben ijalana etc)
    rnd 2: jonathon baldwin WR or marcus gannon OG maybe stephen pea DT marvin austin if no liuget in first
    rnd 3: stephen wizniewski OG/ replace Kruetz eventually
    rnd 4,5,6: time to look at RB, CB, LB for value picks/ development

  2. Russ Loede

    April 14, 2011 at 10:44 pm

    Remember we got Webb in the 7th round. No one really impresses me at 29, unless Smith (USC) or Sherrod (Miss St) fall. In that case, draft Best Player Available or DT. DT’s will be there in 2nd & 3rd rounds, which allows us to take the best skilled playmaker available at 29. I like letting the draft play out and selecting players that fall. This is why I have Smith and Hankerson.

    I believe it’s neck & neck with Hankerson and Baldwin. I chose Hankerson because he will be more consistent at the next level. He separates off the line better and is a faster, quicker football player. However, Baldwin does intrigue me, although he seems like a TE more than a WR. How about Greg Little from UNC? Reminds me a bit of Mike Williams (Tampa rookie) and his game.

    Austin or Nevis would fit excellent in our system. Wiz, the guard from Penn State, is a lineman I would strongly consider. Liuget would be a dream scenario. He, Wilkerson, or Cam Jordan.

    Aaron Williams or the other Texas CB Brown are good options. Wright from USC is a good pick, if in the 3rd/4th. Harris, from the U, won’t fall to us in the 2nd more than likely.

    Agree 100% with you on Malcom Floyd. High on him. Would love to sign him and then use our 2nd on a DL/OL if we go Smith at 29. Smith can flat out ball. We need another talent in the secondary. Imagine if we go all out on Nnamdi like we did Julius! Our front office probably won’t, but I’m not going to doubt it. As for Nicks, another guy I would like to snag. One of the best interior OL in the game.

    Why don’t you have a corner being drafted earlier?

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