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Razor Sharp Rodgers Rips Apart, Bullies Bears 27-17

Good: Four 20+ yard pass plays by Jay Cutler and company.  Only three sacks and four quarterback hits allowed.  Henry Melton had a monster performance with one sack, three tackles for loss.  Lance Briggs looked every bit of the All-Pro linebacker he is, as the Arizona alum registered 14 tackles – ten solo, with a pair of “stuffs.”  Brian Urlacher made another quick, read and react interception.  Furthermore, it was an impressive diving grab.  Secondary options tight end Kellen Davis and wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher each produced a terrific touchdown reception.      

Bad: 12 rushing attempts for 13 yards says it all.  Losing the all-important time of possession battle (37:29 – 22:31) by more than 15 minutes hurts because the offense cannot find a rhythm and have the ability to wear out the defense, while on the other hand, it gets our defense tired, which has them anything but fresh and rested for key third down plays late in the game.  Speaking of third downs, converting three out of 12 on offense isn’t getting the job done, yet, what can you do when it’s always “third and forever?”  Too many times Cutler was throwing high or someone, whether it was Knox (only four catches despite nine targets), Williams (zero catches on four targets), Davis or even the fullback Clutts, had a drop.  Nonetheless, a whole slew of errors via the aerial attack.  Anyways, Jay looked erratic and his receivers didn’t help him as much as you would like.

So, Packers safety Morgan Burnett, who had two picks, was the guy the Bears targeted in the third round two years ago – but Green Bay traded up ahead of us to snag him.  Instead, we now have an injured and disappointing Major Wright.  Lastly, ten negative gains makes the run game tough to stick to in defense of Martz’s lopsided, pass-heavy playcalling.  Ryan Grant consistently had huge holes to run through; as evidenced by his 5.4 yards per pop average.  Johnny Knox’s punt return got nullified after a Corey Graham hold, which was not needed to spring Knox to the house.  Lastly, the “no-call” on the Cutler to Devin Hester deep bomb against Charles Woodson should have been either a flag or a touchdown.  Tough break on what could have been a momentum-changing play.

Next: 1-2 Bears vs. 1-2 Panthers, Noon CT.

Quote to note: “Lot of miscues,” Cutler said. “There were spurts of good football, just inconsistent, and against a team like that you are never going to beat them.”  Which begs the question: will the Bears brutal offense offset a championship-caliber defense, so much, that the season will fail and fall short of the Playoffs because Mike Martz’s unit is unable to exhibit balance?



  1. bob

    September 26, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    First 3 games of season arguably the hardest of any other team. We had Atlanta, New Orleans, and Packers for our first 3. looking back on it we got off easy going 1-2 and we got tested early so we can make changes needed. We should be able to even out our record pretty quickly if we don’t look past these upcoming games. Panthers, Detroit still tough teams. We need to run the damn ball. I thought Martz promised more even play calling. When we run everything opens up, I don’t care if we are playing from behind or not. That hold call on the return was bogus, but lets not pretend it would have changed the result of the game. We were outplayed. Knox’s dropped pass was disapointing. Cutler good and bad. Couple interceptions and throws over heads. Line and Defense played well enough to win but could always improve. Idonije has been a little disapointing thus far. Chris Harris is drastic improvement at Safety we need him back and need to get him contract. Marion barber comeback will improve run game if Martz calls any. I was kinda disapointed we threw the ball 3 times at the 2 yrd line. O-line did good job but I would still love Lance and Gabe back asap, they are boss run blockers.

  2. Russ Loede

    September 26, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    I forgot Marion Barber was still on the roster. I really want to see him healthy and play. Could change things in the power run game. His runs can give the OL, and offense in general, some life; something they can feed off of. His intensity could be used tremendously to propel the team. In the end, offensive linemen rather run block than pass block. We just have to run the rock, period. Too easy.

    We also miss Bennett. Simply put, the Bears need either Hester or Knox to step up and Earl to return. Our receiving threats are anything but imposing. Will I say, dare to involve Kellen Davis or Sam Hurd more? They have size and could offer more of a change-up.

    Nonetheless, let’s utilize some quick strikes in the aerial attack to move the chains, extend drives, and give Cutler/receivers some confidence – as we search for some much-needed flow concerning a nonrhythmic offense.

    • bob

      September 27, 2011 at 1:07 am

      Agreed its either hit or miss. We need some consistency. Robbie hasnt had too many field goal attemps so far this year. We used to murder teams with field goals just about every possession. Move the chains run the rock, short pass,screen pass, then the big plays.

  3. Russ Loede

    September 27, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    Rodgers roasted us – expected.

    Cutler trying to force things due to lack of protection/elite receivers – expected.

    Little imagination calling plays on both sides of the ball – unexpected.

    What made that thrashing of the Falcons so impressive was the aggressiveness/playcalling of both the offense and defense.

    Plain and simple, we need to spice it up. Of course, along with keeping the defense honest by running more.

    A few changes here and there could go a long way. Just a couple of plays (ie: Henderson TD, Hester bomb) go our way and we could be talking differently…

  4. Tim Hiller

    September 27, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    I’m curious to see what, if anything, Barber brings to the table. I agree with the comments that he might bring a needed change of pace and/or momentum. His health is something that scares me. As of right now I don’t think it matters who the running back is there is no where for them to run. Martz’s play calling needs to keep the opposing defenses honest.

    For as much speed and ability Knox and Hester have it would be nice to see the Bears throw short passes and let them do what they can. I don’t mean wide receiver screens either! The Packers marched down the field with short passes. It might be worth a try.

  5. Russ Loede

    September 28, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Let’s move Knox and Hester around some. Put them in the slot from time to time. Motion. Mix it up and let them find a groove.

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