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Bears-Bucs Mic’d Up: Matt Forte



  1. bob

    October 26, 2011 at 1:21 am

    Bye week questions:

    1) What happens when Gabe ready to return possibly vs. Eagles? Does spencer lose spot Lance move in and Gabe reclaim RT? – Gabe is stud and needs to play if availible but Spencer has been impressive. The weak spot in our much improved line has been Webb. Lance Louis and Chris Williams have also been impressive. If I had to complain about the line recently it would be a little Webb and Garza but still nothing too bad. Basically, what line changes will happen to accomodate the Bear Jews return?

    2) Bennetts return will be beneficial to Cutler for sure. Will it affect Dane and his playing time/production? Dane has been impressive with and without getting the ball. Does Bennetts return open up the play book a little as well?

    3) Harris/Major? I like Major if he would stop getting minor injuries. Harris hasn’t looked like his old self. He got beat late in the Bucs game on a TD that was clearly his responsibility. He seems to be late on a lot of plays. Bears won’t resign him. Major has more of a possible future at the position and has more athleticism at this point. Vet or youngster?

    4) Do you think contract issues might actually be beneficial to Bears as a team right now? I kinda think that players rally together a little bit during in season contract disputes. Lance and Forte both looking for something, plus the Harris looking for a trade deal. Players kinda form a bond over the (Players vs. The Man). Lets show them how much were worth, BS. Is it producing team comradery? Lance and Forte playing great… so? Gotta remember as competitive as some of these players are many are just looking to get paid plain and simple. If money wasn’t motivation why would players go to teams like Dolphins, Rams, etc? And why do players league wide have amazing contract years only to fall off once the get paid? Pay enough to get them on the field, then hold $ over their head to make em work. Forte has earned his $, pay him. Lance maybe a restructure but not extension +more.

  2. Russ Loede

    October 26, 2011 at 11:36 am

    Shift Carimi to left tackle and prepare him to stay there for the next decade. Throw Webb on the bench. Keep everything else the same.

    I believe Dane will still see the field as much as he does now. We will ease Bennett back. I remember at times they formed him up at RB last year. They like to use him in many ways. Earl is more over the middle, whereas, they like to go to Dane out the quick outs. I see less and less of Davis. Dane’s a better blocker, anyways. Spaeth has been excellent when healthy. It’s also outstanding to see Hester in motion and them actively trying to get him involved more, especially when a team like we saw Sunday in Tampa kicks away from him more times than not.

    Major Wright. He covers more ground and is the future. You have to see what he has going for him. Plus, Meriweather has been a healthy scratch the past two weeks. Wright will always start, if healthy.

    Completely agree about the team coming together as a result. When I heard about some experts backing off the Bears saying it would be a distraction and negatively affect their play, I had no concerns because I know Forte, and even Briggs, will show up to play ball each and every Sunday.

  3. bob

    October 26, 2011 at 2:08 pm

    Forte classy and a gamer. Briggs lacks tact but is a gamer too.

    Carimi LT of the future agreed. Tice seems to really like Webb tho. How long (seasons) do you think Garza hangs around as a Bear? I could see Spencer move to center next year and Tackles switch Carimi LT, Webb back to RT, Williams and Lance hold guard spots. Maybe Garza back to RG and Lance RT if decide Webb not the guy. I like Garza a lot but I see that shift coming at some point, maybe for next year.

    Wright needs to stop the minor injuries. He seems to have a minor issue every other week.

    I hope Dane still gets the reps, he deserves it. Bennett is a versatile player and having him back will benefit wherever we play him. Plus just the relationship with Cutler and sure hands. I think Davis is being punished for a couple missed blocking assignments but he is big body reciever (red zone) and we should see him again at some point if he can figure out his blocking issues.

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