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What Club Comes Out on Top in Monday’s Bears-Eagles Game?



  1. Bears Fan

    November 3, 2011 at 3:05 am

    Seems like the Eagles may have some MNF hangover, especially against bitter division rival Dallas. Here’s to hoping at least.

  2. bob

    November 3, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    Eagles cleaned things up from beginning of the year but their O-line still looks a little shaky. This game is on the shoulders of our front 7. Stop the run and get after Vick. Secondary nothing over the top and tackle well on the short passes. If our D-line has a big game we should win this game.

    Offensively we will need to put up some points. Cutler needs to take advantage of Dane, Kellen and Bennett becuase Roy, Hester and Knox will most likely be locked down for most the game. Forte is the man and should have another big day as well, with a little Barber mixed in. Run and screen pass to keep their D-line honest and maybe catch them out of place pressuring the QB for some big plays.

  3. Russ Loede

    November 3, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    Nnamdi will lock down someone – that’s a given. Asante Samuel is sneaky and can cover some ground. Makes excellent breaks/reads on the ball. He’s licking his chops against Cutler. We have to use his aggressiveness to our advantage and make him pay a few times.

    Cole, Jenkins, and Babin are going to be tough to stop. We need to use our big line to overpower their undersized front like we did against Tampa. Start off with Forte on quick runs. Use different plays to mix it up and let them overpursue and keep Forte busy with a heavy workload early on to set the pace.

    It’s all about keeping them off balance and not letting the line get upfield on Cutler. Also, we can’t let them get to Forte on outside runs behind the line. Sooner or later Forte isn’t going to break all those tackles and make defenders miss. Let’s limit the negative plays early. We can’t get into second and third and long situations on the road in a hostile environment. I want to see Cutler have the run-pass option on bootlegs during 2nd and 3, or 3rd and 2 situations to get him loose early on.

    Play-calling will be essential because they clearly possess more talent, so, we have to out-execute them. We have to be smart and use our playmakers in the open field against their weak LB core and suspect safeties.

    I would like to see a deep bomb early off play-action. Just like the Vikings game. Make them think we can at least try something like that. Line Knox in the slot or throw out Forte even on a swing pass or get him one-on-one in coverage with a LB or safety. 20+ yard pass play would be nice to compliment a steady dosage of Forte. Either way, we need to establish run and then keep them honest with a big-play so they don’t put eight in the box. Make them respect our pass game, not just Forte.

    The jam on the receivers could be a tough one and the only way to counter is by using motion and throwing different looks. It will be interesting to see how Hester and Knox do against elite corners. Also, how Bennett does off injury. He is still Jay’s favorite receiver.

    In the end, our offense is going to be the one’s to either make it or break it. I don’t think the D will be a problem. We are 3-0 against Vick when he starts. We have a speedy unit to keep him contained. LeSean McCoy behind their improved, healthy OL is going to be a tough task, but I think Urlacher/Briggs will be there to shut the door. Believe me, they want to make up for the last time they were on Monday night letting Best run wild. They will make every tackle in sight and possible be in disguise on a drop back for a pick of Vick.

    We need to watch out for Celek. They used him more against Dallas. Avant is a good third-down target, they like to go to him. D-Jax and Maclin are playmakers, but don’t scare me because the former is still upset about his contract and the latter is more of a 9-catch, 110-yard guy, nothing too special.

    Overall, I think limiting run after the catch opportunities, especially on McCoy, whether it be run or pass, is the key. He’s their best player on offense. Shifty, elusive, and has the vision. Doesn’t always go for the big gain, and will kill you with 4 to 5, then get better with 6 to 7 or even 8 yard gains over and over again throughout the course of the game if you let him get on a roll.

    Ends need to be disciplined, force things back to the inside, and the defensive backs have to wrap up consistently. Gang-tackling can only make up for so many whiffs in the open field. Let’s be sure on tackling, Conte and Wright.

    If Forte has the game he has been giving us and we make them play from behind (less McCoy on the ground), I think we have a win. We need this. Lions at home next week. Tiebreakers and everything are on the line. If we play like we should and stay consistent, I don’t think you need a certain play or player to to put us over the top. Just play Bears football and this game is ours.

  4. bob

    November 4, 2011 at 1:19 am

    I like the idea of going deep once or twice but lets not give Marts the green light just yet. Keep the threat there but eagles secondary is scary and we will be lucky if that works more than once. I like the run, quick pass, screen pass approach. Their D-line is built to pass rush and they struggle a little with the run. Time of possesion will prob be a big deal too, don’t wanna put the ball in Vick and dynamic offense hands cuz we can’t keep up in a shoot out. Solid run game and possesion gonna be huge. 3rd down always big deal but in this one they will be crucial.

    Lol, 9 catch 110 yrd guy nothing too special? Thats by far better than anything we got. Maclin is a legit reciever. He lit it up at Mizzou and has gotten better every year in NFL. I’m assuming Jennings will be on him and will have his hands full. Jackson is pretty damn smooth at times too. I feel more comfortable becuase Peanut on him tho. They both worry me if Vick gets time to throw. I know LeSean is essentially their Forte and they number one rushing right now but their recievers are extremely dangerous. Avant as a number 3 is pretty impressive, plus Celek. D-line needs to step up big and take away the time on pass plays. Secondary had to be disciplined, we struggled against Newton, another scramble QB with legit recievers.

    I agree our LB corps need to have a big game tackling McCoy, contain Vick, plus their drop back responsibilities. Everyone will need to tackle well, especially safeties. Eagles are big on YAC. I predict a forced fumble or two as they fight for extra yards hopefully we poke one out. Vick can be careless with the ball too while he scrambles, maybe a sack fumble? Maybe Vick will get hit a few times and give up like he did in the earlier games this year.

  5. Russ Loede

    November 4, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    Maclin just doesn’t strike me as a guy that will beat us too often. I said that in the context of comparing his “threat level” to LeSean McCoy, who I believe is a big-time game-changer. Remember, Maclin had two costly fumbles/drops earlier in the season and we have “Peanut” to make it happen again.

    Screens will be tough to execute consistently. I can see maybe one or two catching them off guard as they bring the heat, but they’re just too athletic to be burned by it, that, I would like to go deep more than use the screen this game. I think they will expect us to screen and will be completely ready, whereas, if we try the long ball we can catch them off-guard.

    We need some big plays via the air because we have a QB with a big arm and a big contract. We have to use his strengths sooner rather than later. Plus, we won’t be able to keep up with the Packers and Lions if we don’t adjust and go long more often. Time to open things up! Of course, in balance with Forte running the rock.

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