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Danieal Manning Gets Shelled in Selling His House

Pro Football Talk reports that current Bears safety Danieal Manning has taken a bath on a house that he brought back in 2007.

Former Bears safety Danieal Manning bought a four-bedroom, 3,800-square-foot home in Libertyville, Illinois for $535,000 in 2007. He left for the Texans last year, and he has now sold the place after slashing the price all the way down to $308,500, according to Bob Goldsbrough of the Chicago Tribune.

Unlike most people, Manning can afford to take a $226,500 bath. His contract in Houston pays $20 million over four years.

Still, that $226,500 is long gone. And it’s easy for folks who simply presume pro athletes are rolling in money to forget the fact that this new age of player movement, plenty of cash can fall through the cracks — especially in a softening real-estate market.

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