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Targeting a Quarterback in 2017: What About DeShone Kizer?

By Bryan Dietzler 

A little while ago I had written about the Bears possibly taking Clemson quarterback DeShaun Watson.  This was based off of the fact that they had a large attendance at Clemson’s Pro Day to watch Watson throw the ball and go through drills.  But that was just the start of a trend that we are seeing with the Bears and quarterbacks coming out in this year’s draft.

Just this past week, reports surfaced that said the Bears were showing a lot of interest in former Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer.  Kizer and his teammates had a Pro Day workout that was heavily attended by Bears brass.  Now, we have discovered that Kizer has a private workout scheduled with the Bears.

Like some had thought with the interest in Watson, it appears as if the Bear have deep interest in Kizer.  Perhaps the Bears have interest in quarterbacks, overall, in this draft. It would appear that is the case. Maybe they are picking this draft to be the one where they bring in a future franchise signal caller.  After years of not grabbing a quarterback high in the draft (the last time they took one at number one was when they took the much maligned Rex Grossman in the first round of the 2003 NFL Draft) this could be the year they pull the trigger.

But will they pull it with Kizer?

Once again we have the dilemma of the Bears having a need at quarterback along with having the third overall pick in the draft.  Do we really want the Bears to draft a quarterback at number three?  With the bust potential of any quarterback so high coupled with the Bears historical struggles at quarterback, it could end up being a wasted pick.

But could a guy like Kizer develop into a strong quarterback that can lead the Bears to the promised land?  Can he develop into a strong quarterback in Chicago?

Ultimately, would he be the right answer for the Bears?

Looking at Kizer and his stats, one must first remember that he didn’t begin his big time college work as a starter until early in 2015.  He posted some strong numbers in 2015 throwing for 2,925 yards with 26 touchdowns and nine interceptions.  He also had 472 yards of rushing that year.

His 2016 were a little weaker as he passed for 2,880 yards, 21 touchdowns, ten interceptions and 525 yards rushing.  Those were still respectable numbers.

He did end up being benched last season thanks to his struggles.  Can he recover from that and make a name for himself in the NFL?

When he is good he can be good and if he can be good in the NFL then he could be a franchise quarterback.  He is big, standing at six feet four inches weighing 233 pounds and can move around very well.  He can get the ball into tight spaces and comes from a fairly complex college system so, he should be able to pick up an NFL system easier than some.

Some of his downside includes issues with mechanics particularly in getting the ball out with sound mechanics and moving his feet.  These are things that might be cleaned up with good NFL coaching.

In the past, we have touched on the fact that the Bears’ ability to develop a quarterback has been put into question due to the talent of the coaching staff (or lack thereof). If Kizer does get drafted by the Bears would he be able to be effective with the coaching that they provide him?  Or will he end up being a bust because the Bears couldn’t develop him?

Thinking about the Bears grooming a quarterback is kind of scary when you look at the Bears’ history developing quarterbacks.  Quarterbacks have come and gone in Chicago, over the past few years, and some people think that having one more quarterback who could be an early round draftee might end up being a disaster.  Chicago fans are admittedly gun-shy about quarterbacks.  Who can blame them?

It’s been a very tough road.

Is it possible that Kizer could be the long term answer for the Bears’ long-standing problems at the quarterback position?  He is intelligent and has all the tools you would want in a quarterback but, like was previously discussed relating to Watson, Kizer could stand to sit for a year.  He could learn and then make his debut in 2018.  That would be the ideal situation for both the Bears and for Kizer or any quarterback that they draft this year.

If they do decide to draft a quarterback and it’s Kizer, where should they take him?  Is he worth the third pick in the draft?  Some seem to think he is while others feel he is a late first round prospect.  If the Bears could trade down and get Kizer that might be the better deal.  Perhaps they could jump down somewhere between 20 to 25 where Kizer would be worth the value.  But what team would be willing to trade up to the number three spot to help out in this scenario?

Some experts seem to think Kizer could go in the second round.  The Bears could get him there and that would be huge.

The three top quarterbacks in the 2017 NFL Draft are Kizer, Watson and Mitch Trubisky.  Chicago could  have their choice of all three but are any of them worth the third pick in the draft?

This writer says no.

So if the Bears need a quarterback and want to take someone like Kizer, they need to trade down.  Or, they could hope that he is  around when they pick early in the second round.  Then they could get them there.  Giving up the third overall pick for any of the quarterbacks in this draft could be a mistake.

If you look at what Kizer has to offer, he might just be the quarterback of the “big three” that has the most promise .  In the end, some say, he might be the best quarterback to come out of this draft.  But could he be that player in Chicago?  Could he bring the Bears out of the “darkness” at quarterback and lead them to the playoff promised land?

What does everyone think of Kizer?  Is he the Bears answer at the quarterback position?




    March 29, 2017 at 9:50 pm

    I first have to say the pressure is on Pace to draft one of top QBs 2nd lately all of this news Pace was saying at the NFL meeting saying they most unlikely draft a QB saying silly things about the QB S they sign in free agency and now reading this about Kizer makes me think what Pace was saying at the meetings is just bull Watson or Kiser is most likely the bears are in love with and they do not want to give it away mosty to the browns 49ers and maybe jets

  2. Bryan

    April 23, 2017 at 4:41 pm


    I wonder, though, if Pace is going to draft a quarterback in this draft? Like you said, he is saying that he isn’t likely to draft one but I think that’s just something to throw people off his “trail” so to speak. I don’t know if he is using some kind of psychological move on people but of course, no team is going to reveal its real intentions for the draft.

    The Bears have had heavy attendance at several of the top quarterback’s pro days which I think signals a move for a quarterback in the draft. I think it might be Mahomes. Watson is going to go in the middle of the first round and unless the Bears trade back into it, I think that they are going to miss out on him. I am not sure about Kizer. He scares me a little bit. His college coach even came out and said that he wasn’t ready to play in the NFL and that will sway some opinions.

    I don’t think that any of the top quarterbacks in the draft are worth taking at number three. I think that if the Bears are going to take a quarterback they need to do it in the second round. But depending on who you listen to, these quarterbacks could go very early. Too early in my opinion. If they do go early, it’s because the supply doesn’t meet the demand. Teams will be afraid that they won’t get a good one this year so they will take one too early.

    I do agree that there is a lot of “lying” going on now, you see it around draft time every year. They put misinformation out to try to throw other teams off. They don’t want the Browns or the 49ers to take the player that they want. But, with the third pick in the draft, I think it’s too early to take a quarterback. There is too much risk, for one thing, and I don’t think any of the top four guys are worthy of the third pick.

    Maybe the Bears should trade their first-round pick and get additional picks? I think that is a good option, personally. But if they miss out on one of the top quarterbacks in this draft, they need to hold off and wait until next year. There will be better options in the 2018 NFL Draft.

    It will be interesting to see what they do.

    Thank you,

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