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The Chicago Bears 2017 Schedule Reviewed: November

By Bryan Dietzler

The Chicago Bears will play three games in the month of November starting it off with a bye.  That bye arrives in the first week of the month and comes at a good time.  It will give the Bears a break, allow them time to regroup and heal before taking on a tough stretch of games.

With two division games and a tough Eagles team to play, the Bears are going to have their work cut out for them.  Can they win in the month of November or will they get shut out?  We are about to find out as we make predictions on the entire month of November and see where the Bears will stand when the dust settles, and December arrives.

So, here we go again, a review of the Bears schedule this time for November 2017.

November 12th @ 1:00 pm on Fox Green Bay at Chicago

The oldest rivalry in the NFL comes to Soldier Field as the Bears take on the Packers for the second time in 2017.  By this time, the Bears should know “who they are.”  We should know if they are a “now” team or a “later” team.

What we will want to see is a good game and hopefully will get that in this second “clash” of 2017.  Hopefully, the Bears will have good health and will have been able to find a rhythm which will allow them to compete evenly with Green Bay.  But, in 2017, Chicago will not be able to beat the Packers.  But it will happen eventually.

While I feel that Chicago will be much more competitive in this game I still think the Packers will earn a comfortable win.  Green Bay will be firing on all cylinders while the Bears will put up a good fight but ultimately fold.

Early “Don’t hold me to it” Prediction: Green Bay 26 Chicago 17

November 19th @ 1 pm on Fox Detroit at Chicago

This will be the first game of the season against these two teams.  Last year, they both took a game from one another, and that could happen again this season.  Detroit looks to be poised to be at least a little bit better, but they may meet a Bears team that’s doing well.  I project this to be the Bears closest win of the year.

Yes, folks, I did say win.  I think that Chicago will beat the Lions in the first game.  I believe that the Bears, coming off of a loss against the Packers the previous week, will right the ship and play a tight one this week.  Both defenses will be tough, and there won’t be a lot of scoring, but if the Bears’ secondary can clamp down on Detroit’s receivers and the pass rush can get to Matthew Stafford, then they should be able to keep the reigns on Detroit and squeeze out a win.

This game is hard to predict, but I will give the Bears the edge in this one.

Early “Don’t hold me to it” Prediction: Chicago 17 Detroit 16

November 26th @ 1 pm on Fox Chicago at Philadelphia

I have taken a long look at the Eagles and think that they are going to be a pretty solid team in 2017.  If Carson Wentz continues to grow and the offense can mold around him, they could be a playoff contender easily.

The Wentz-led Eagles beat the Bears last season upsetting a lot of fans (I was one of them).  No one thought that a rookie who was playing his first few NFL games should have been able to beat the Bears.  But Chicago had a lot of problems last year and wasn’t in a good place.  I think that they will be in a much better place than they were when they played the Eagles in 2016 but still won’t be able to beat them.

Philadelphia should be rolling by the time they meet the Bears.  But Chicago’s defense will be doing well and should be able to keep the point total down.  But they won’t be able to keep the Eagles from winning.  Philadelphia will edge the Bears but not by much.  This loss will help us continue to realize that Chicago is still a rebuilding team.

Early “Don’t hold me to it” Prediction: Philadelphia 21 Chicago 13

With the bye week, the month of November is a short month for Chicago.  Hopefully it will propel the Bears to a better December.  The problem with November is, they face two teams that they just cannot beat.  Green Bay and Philadelphia will beat the Bears.  The Detroit game will be close and could go either way, but I like the Bears to win that one.

Let’s hope that Chicago can pull out at least one victory in November to help keep their future looking bright.

Next Up: The final month of the season, December, is predicted.  What will the Bears’ final record be?


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