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The Chicago Bears Week Four Observations

By Bryan Dietzler

After a somewhat successful game against the Pittsburgh Steelers the previous Sunday, the Bears headed north to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers. The Packers have had the Bears number for a while, but Chicago has been able to sneak in a win now and then.

I was one of many people who felt that the Bears would make Thursday night’s game against the Packers a close one. You would have thought that with the Packers missing some of their key starters the Bears may have a better chance of not just keeping it close but could win the game. Green Bay had not been playing that well either so it appeared as if Chicago would have a good chance.

At least on paper, it looked like that would happen.

But it didn’t.

In another weird game, the Bears struggled to get anything going while the Packers looked like world beaters.

Chicago lost to Green Bay 35-14.

The Bears made many errors and just couldn’t seem to do the right thing. Green Bay made it look easy and it really shouldn’t have been as easy as it was.

In a word, it was frustrating.

The following is a look at some of the observations made during the game and some critiques of the Bears’ performance. Granted, there was more bad than good but there may be at least one big positive thing that comes out of the loss that will help set the Bears in the right direction.

Glennon’s Decline and Removal

I said this in my story about the Steelers game HERE about Glennon looking pretty bad. Well, folks, he followed up last Sunday’s performance with a miserable game against the Packers. Sure, his stats don’t look terrible as he threw 33 passes completing 21 of those for 218 yards and a touchdown. But it was the two interceptions and two fumbles that did him in. That, coupled with his poor decision-making, pocket presence and mobility and Glennon showed us, once again, that he is not a starting NFL quarterback.

Glennon’s showing Thursday forced the Bears to bring in Mitchell Trubisky as their starter. A new era has begun in Chicago and we will hope it’s a good one. It is certainly necessary.

What Glennon has received in his contract, compared to what he has done for the Bears makes him look like a thief. Chicago paid him like a starting quarterback, he hasn’t delivered and is not what the Bears felt he could be. Perhaps Chicago’s offense didn’t fit Glennon’s style?

It’s likely more Glennon’s fault than anyone else’s’.

One thing is for sure and that is that the Bears weren’t going to win many games with Glennon at quarterback. And they may not win that many with Trubisky but the future is now.

Starting the rookie was the best thing for the Bears future and it was time for the Glennon era to end.

The Hit that Shook the World

By now, the hit that linebacker Danny Trevathan delivered on Thursday night has a been analyzed, replayed and talked about repeatedly. It’s almost old news. The most important thing is that Davante Adams not seriously injured. He is no longer in the hospital and is in the league’s concussion protocol.

We learned the other day that Trevathan was suspended for one game for the hit (it was reduced from two games).

Did he get what he deserved?

If you have seen the hit, it’s scary. I know people who had anxiety over the hit and it was difficult to watch for some. The hit appeared to be completely blatant and, in my opinion, it looked like it could have been avoided. Of course, it depends on who you talk to as to whether you think it could have been avoided.

And I am not a football player and cannot relate to how things happen in a moment like that. That being said, I am not an expert and I don’t claim to be an expert.

Most everyone seems to think the hit was blatant and that Trevathan got what he deserved. Some fans seem to think it was an avoidable hit.

The suspension puts the Bears in a bind. One of their best defensive players is going to be out for a game leaving the Bears thin at an already thin position. Chicago will now have to rely on guys like John Timu, Jonathan Anderson, and Christian Jones.

Hopefully, they will step up.

The Dynamic Duo

Much has been said about the impact that Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen have had for the Bears. You can credit them for the Bears’ win against the Steelers. Also, despite the fact, the Bears lost big on Thursday Howard and Cohen piled up the yards.

The two have been the most positive aspect of the Bears’ offense so far.

There has been some concern that the Bears are going to wear Howard down by utilizing him so much. The evidence that he is getting beat up has been easy to see. Howard could hardly get up three times during the Steelers game and appeared to be hurt at least once in the Green Bay game.

It’s been reported that he has an AC joint sprain and that’s why we have been seeing him favoring his shoulder a bit this season.

With the Bears running Howard as much as they have been the question now becomes, how much longer will he last? And if he can’t go can Cohen run the ball consistently?

The answers are not long and no.

What we need to see is more of Benny Cunningham. He is the key. If the Bears can have him come in and spell the starters more often that will work wonders for the running game. We saw the coaching staff get Cunningham involved in the game Thursday night so they need to keep that up.

If they don’t, Chicago’s best running backs will fall apart; the running game will grind to a halt and Chicago will drop even deeper into the hole.

Quick Hits

There are just a few quick things I would like to say about the game and the Bears in general.

Strong safety Quintin Demps was put on injured reserve this past week. His play was disappointing anyway and it might have been only a matter of time before he got hurt. Now we wait to see if Adrian Amos can do anything special. He has yet to get an interception since coming into the league and that’s very disturbing.

I have talked about Pernell McPhee a lot since he came to Chicago. I have been critical of him but I am going to give him props for a fine performance against the Packers. With one sack and three tackles, McPhee is slowly starting to look like the player we hoped he would be when he came to Chicago

Hopefully, he will continue to improve and not get injured.

Leonard Floyd got out of the doghouse a bit as he got his first sack of the year Thursday night. There were some, including this writer, who felt Floyd could lead the NFL in sacks. That may not happen. He has been asked to drop into coverage a lot thanks to his speed so he is missing out on sacks that way. But Floyd is getting stymied at the line when trying to rush the passer.

There is still a lot of work Floyd needs to do to become an effective pass rusher.

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