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Bears Offense Dominated in 2019 Opening Night Loss to Green Bay 10-3

It was ugly from the opening kickoff till the final Mitch Trubisky ending any chance the Bears may have had.

In between it was a showcase for two defenses that have bigger goals in 2019, and on this night the Packers D was just a touchdown better, leading Green Bay to a 10-3 win at Solider Field.

It was a massive letdown for a team that has their eyes on another NFC North title, this time with dreams of surpassing the first round of the postseason.

Instead Matt Nagy’s team managed just one field goal to take an early 3-0 lead, and never scored again.

Here’s a couple observations from the opening night debacle in Chicago.

1. Ugh

It’s like letting the air out of a balloon. That’s how this night played out, as the Bears offense looked more like they were playing in their first preseason game than a huge home game against their biggest rival.

They put up 254 yards in 65 plays, but let’s face it, each time it looked like they had some momentum going, a flag or a miscue by the offense shut it right back down.

Never have I seen a team face a 1st and 40 like the Bears did. Without question this team has a TON of work to do before week two, now the question is will they make a quick turnaround.

2. The D Has Nothing to Complain About

The Bears D allowed two scoring drives resulting in 10 points, and on pretty much any given Sunday that should be enough to win.

It wasn’t on this night, which is a shame because it does eliminate what was a very good game for the Bears D, getting to Aaron Rodgers for five sacks, and holding the Pack to just 213 total yards.

If they put this effort in every week, you can imagine this team will be just fine.

3. Mitch Off His Game

The Bears made the decision not to have Mitch Trubisky play or throw a pass in the preseason, and as you can see he looked awfully rusty in the seven-point loss.

On the night he was 26-for-45 for 228 yards with an awful pick that basically ended the last good shot the Bears had at tying the game.

He never got things going with the offense, and while they were slow, they just didn’t have any sort of emotion or momentum.

As QB’s go, Trubisky has to be better prepared, as on this night he didn’t appear to be.

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