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The Chicago Bears Sticking with Trubisky: Good or Bad?

If you have been keeping track of the comments coming from Chicago Bears’ upper management, you may have heard that they are planning on sticking with Mitchell Trubisky as the starter next season.  What does this mean for the Bears moving forward? Can they rely on Trubisky to pull through and play well enough to take them to the promised land?

Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Pace recently announced that the Bears were going to forth with Trubisky as the starter heading into the upcoming 2020 season. It’s hard to tell if this is the stance that Pace and company are going to take but it would seem as if they are committed to Trubisky. And why wouldn’t they be? Pace gave up a lot to get him and has staked his career on him. If Trubisky fails, Pace looks like a failure and he probably will lose his job.

This may already be in the works.

But are all of the issues that Trubisky has presented his fault? After all, he had a struggling offensive line, receivers that would drop passes and no running game to speak of. Knowing this then it may not be entirely his fault. Given all of the tools, however, would he still be able to take the Bears to the next level and earn them a win? Is he capable of doing that? We will find out next season but fans may not want to wait that long to see if he is the right quarterback for the job. They may want him to be judged in training camp to see if he is worthy. Bears fans don’t want to wait.

They want to win now.

You have to imagine that the Bears are going to bring in some competition at the quarterback next year. Some veteran quarterback, whether it be Andy Dalton, Marcus Mariotta or even Cam Newton could find their place on Chicago’s roster. And that would be ideal. The competition could either help push Trubisky into playing better or the incoming player could play better than Trubisky and end up beating him out.

Either way, the Bears would win and could finally get something going on offense. That would be huge.

It’s easy to see that Chicago’s quarterback play has been part of what has been holding them back. You also have the line play; lack of top-quality tight ends and receiver drops (as previously mentioned) that caused the Bears issues. However, had they even had those things cleaned up and running right, I still don’t quite think that Trubisky would have been the answer at the quarterback spot. I may receive a lot of flack for that but it’s just my feeling.

The Bears will have a lot of work to do this offseason if they want to compete in 2020. They have to fill the holes that were created by injuries, contracts being up or players being let go. Chicago has to concentrate on both sides of the ball, the offense more than the defense. They need to build a winning program.

This will be year three under head coach Matt Nagy and year four with Trubisky at quarterback. If they can’t get anything going it’s almost assured that both will be gone when it’s all said and done. And this writer doesn’t want Trubisky to fail, not by any means, but it’s been a long time since the Bears have won a playoff game or even a Super Bowl. Something must change.

It’s time that the Bears started to think about winning or at least trying harder to win. It’s been a disappointing last few years and it looks like there is no end in sight. And other teams seem to be able to turn things around and get it right. Why can’t the Bears?

And is Trubisky the answer or not? We will find out in 2020.

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