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Bears finish preseason 0-4 as roster decisions loom

Seems like the biggest news to come out of the Bears final preseason game vs. the Browns wasn’t who played, but rather who watched from the sidelines. That list included guys like Cutler, Forte, Urlacher, Briggs, Kruetz and others.   So instead of following the happenings from Cleveland, like many of you, I was glued to the tube watching […]

Jay Cutler wants you to stop worrying about the Bears offense

According to the Chicago SunTimes, Jay Cutler thinks Bears fans should take a chill pill when it comes to their worries over the preseason struggles of the Mike Martz-led offense. You can read exactly what he said here. In a nutshell, he thinks because the Bears aren’t game-planning for specific teams/defenses and the unit is […]

Bears stumble early vs. Raiders but finish 1st half strong

During the first half of the first home game of the season, the Bears were overly hospitable hosts to their friends from Oakland. The defense allowed the Raiders offense ample space to move up and down the field. And the Bears o-line followed the example set by their defensive mates by granting Raiders pass rushers […]

Bears fans should get first extended look at starters as Raiders invade Chicago

It’s hard to believe, but Saturday’s night’s home game against the Raiders is already game #2 of Lovie Smith’s win-or-get-canned coaching campaign. For Bears fans, this second installment of the 2010 preseason should give us the chance to see our starters play more than two series. Here’s your 6-pack of things to watch – 3 […]

First teamers get quick hook as sloppy play, injuries highlight Bears loss to Chargers

Football coaches preach about the improvement they expect to see between the first game of the season to the second. If that’s the case, Lovie and crew have a lot of work to accomplish this week after Saturday night’s 25-10 loss to Ron Burgundy’s home team, the San Diego Chargers. Here’s a look at the good, the bad and the […]

It’s only preseason, but Bears-Chargers game has intriguing storylines

The first preseason game is all about making a positive first impression. But the Bears Saturday night game versus the Chargers offers some intriguing storylines too. Consider the game will be the first time… Lovie Smith gets to see his shiny new defensive monster, Julius Peppers, harass an opposing QB. This one just so happens […]

Bears release first depth chart of 2010

Let the over-analysis begin. On Monday, the Bears released their first depth chart of the 2010 season in advance of their first pre-season game against the Chargers on Friday. There were no major surprises revealed and the chart will, for the most part, remain unchanged from here till the September 12th kickoff against the Lions. […]

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