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Bears Keep #8, More Debate: Up Next – Another QB Controversy


Will The Real #8 Please Stand Up: Some may be surprised (Turnover-prone, mistake-filled gunslinger), some may say why are they sticking with Rex once again (Haven’t you seen enough), taking a risky stand next to an inconsistent QB is dangerous they say, handing another shot to an underachiever who got injured (Nothing new) and played himself into a backup role after just three games last season, and on top of that did not live up to what he said would be a “breakout” year. Some may say it was a smart move (1-year deal w/ incentives) saying he has not been in the league for that long (1 full season started), there’s still hope. And then there’s some who say let’s give it one more shot (Who else is out there), one more try (Is Orton any better), and let it be the last opportunity, while giving Kyle Orton a chance to challenge and supplant him as the starting QB in Training Camp. Whether you believe he is a joke, a serviceable QB, or a signal caller who just needs more time to eventually become what he showed Bears fans a glimpse of in the first half of the ’06 season when he was being considered an MVP candidate, Rex’s last shot to be the Bears QB starts now. Therefore, who knows when his time will be up and how short of a leash the former Florida Gator Heisman hopeful, who was a star under the ole’ “ballcoach”, will be on – for a team that looks to supply him with another chance to show he is a winner and a legitimate starting QB in the NFL for the Monsters of the Midway.

Will The Supporting Cast Be In Place And Which “Rex” Will Show Up: “It’s still a great opportunity for him [in Chicago],” his agent, Eugene Parker, told Rex is probably the most scrutinized, criticized, yet inconsistent QB in the NFL. So let’s make this crystal-clear, Chicago provided him with a poor supporting cast in ’07, especially at RB (Benson is a bust got hurt again) with no gamebreakers or a consistent rushing attack, along with WR’s that dropped the ball more times than not, and most of all an apparent slow, aging OL that was old enough to receive their free senior citizen coffee at McDonald’s and file for Social Security, as it looked like one pathetic unit protecting Rex often on Sundays – can you fault Grossman for his bad play (It’s still his team and the blame goes to him, but is that worthy). The OL looked more the part of Church ushers or deacons rather than pass blockers, as their lack of quickness to keep up with blitzing LB’s and DL could not protect Grossman any longer than you could say “3 and Out”. You can look at it on both sides saying #8 does not get the help he needs or you can say he’s not starter-material and it does not matter how build around him, he’s just not good enough. All I can say is another year could be just too much for me and I may have to turn off the television set if the same offense in which I saw through the most of the games in ’07. But on the other hand, there is no rookie QB in the NFL Draft that could start day 1 and there is definitely not a single QB available in free agency that’s better than Rex. So with that being said, Chicago needs to first revamp and reconstruct that pitiful 5-man front in which they call an offensive line (Sorry Olin Kreutz and John Tait) and find a good WR rotation whether Berrian stays or not, and a running game that includes a breakaway threat that is able to carry the load, whether it be a Michael Turner or a Jonathan Stewart/Rashard Mendenhall in the Draft. The backfield has to change and the OL needs to give Rex some time for starters, and if that happens I really believe #8 can get the job done. It will not surprise me if he falls flat on his face once again after Week 3 or if he throws for over 3,000 yards and 25 TD’s, nothing shocks me with Rex under center for the Chicago Bears.

Here’s what Rex, Coach Smith, and Mr. Angelo (GM) had to say about this decision:

Can He Be That Same QB During The SB Run: “I love the organization,” Grossman told late last month. “They drafted me. A lot of bad things have happened to me since I’ve been here with injuries and things, but the 2006 season was a special one. We almost completed the ultimate goal. I want to finish that. I want to finish what I started and I want to be a Bear for the rest of my life.”

Lovie Sees It Working Out: “We’re real happy given that we said we wanted Rex back,” Angelo said Saturday at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

“He was motivated to be back and we feel it’s good for both sides. The continuity can’t be minimized in all this, and Rex brings that as well as [being] a very talented player with good game day experience, so we feel with him in the mix this is going to make us better.”

Works Out Business-Wise And Now It’s Time To Move On And See What Happens: “That little time that he had to reflect helped him quite a bit,” Angelo said Saturday. “For whatever reason, he didn’t start the season the way we would have hoped and he would have hoped. Who knows why; that’s behind us. But once he was able to gather himself, we saw a better Rex, somebody that obviously was more to our liking, and we want to continue that.”

“It makes the most sense given money,” Angelo said. “That’s the bottom line. Everybody wants as much money as they can [get]. By doing a one-year deal, he gets a chance to prove and show the things that he feels he can do and we get a chance to see them, and then we go back to the table so-to-speak. It’s no more than that. It was with the intent of both parties and we were able to get it done.”

Let’s Try It One More Time: “You can get a fresh start, but the Bears to me are a known commodity,” Grossman said in January. “You know what you’re going into. You know you’ve got a bunch of great teammates around you.

“The coaching staff knows what I can do more than any coaching staff. They know what my potential is. That’s always comforting when you know that the coaching staff knows exactly how good you can become and good you can be. There are a lot of good things about being a Bear.”

He Is Proven: “Rex has won a lot of football games for us around here,” Smith said at the time. “You look at how he played at the end of the football season until he came up with that injury, he is playing good football. We would like for him to come back again.”

Better Bring Your A-Game And Know What’s At Stake: “[Grossman] understands it,” Angelo said Thursday at the NFL Combine. “He’s talked to Lovie about it. I’ve talked to his agent about it. He’s fine with it. Obviously we want to get the best player under center. Kyle did some good things at the end. I think he deserves the right to compete at the position.”

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