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Bears Banter Volume 6 (Post-Draft Edition) – Part 3 Of 3

Final Round Of A 21 Question Series From Site Editor Russ Loede To Columnists Eric Cook & Ron Norman

15.  Site Editor Russ Loede: The chances of 3rd round draft choice Marcus Harrison unseating either Dusty Dvoracek or Anthony Adams as the team’s starting DT next to All-Pro lineman “Real Deal” Tommie Harris before Bye Week?  Anytime sooner…?

Columnist Ron Norman:  Marcus Harrison looks like a highly skilled player but I see him more as a rotational player than a starter in his rookie year.  As long as Dusty Dvoracek can stay healthy, he will be the starter partly because of his familiarity with Harris going back to his  playing days at Oklahoma.

Columnist Eric Cook:  If Dvoracek stays healthy there is no chance of Harrison unseating him, he could find himself in a role as a rotational player, but that is best-case scenario for him.

16.  Russ Loede: What will we remember from this Draft five years down the road from now?  Does this Draft have the potential of outdoing the ’03, ’04, or ’06 masterpieces?

Ron Norman:  We will remember this as a “defining” draft in which the Bears rebuilt their team and got back on track, with my hope to look back five years from now and see at least three perennial pro bowlers from the ’08 Draft on the roster:  Chris Williams, Matt Forte and Craig Steltz.

Columnist Eric Cook:  We will look back at the Chris Williams pick and see it as the key piece that solidified our offensive line, and also how we should have went after QB Brian Brohm (Green Bay) in the 2nd round. This Draft has the “potential” to outdo the ’03, ’04, and ’06 drafts but you know as well as I do that we will not find out until 3-5 years down the road.  I like what we did in this draft for the most part but not selecting a “project” QB for the future, and waiting until the 7th round to go after a second OL has the chances of ending up as two huge mistakes that we could regret.

17.  Russ Loede: Biggest 2nd Guess:  Player you would’ve liked to see drafted wearing a Bears uniform?

Ron Norman:  The biggest second guess for me is not drafting an athletic guard like Jeremy Zuttah from Rutgers.  He was available, sitting there for the taking with our pick in the early part of the 3rd round.

Eric Cook:  USC QB John David Booty in the 4th Round (Minnesota).

18.  Russ Loede: (Word Association): 1 Word to Describe Brian Urlacher – The “Football Player” and The “Buisnessman”:

Ron Norman: The Football Player:  Tenacious.

The Businessman: Foolish.

Eric Cook:  The Football Player: Attitude (Confidence) + Athleticism (Skill) + Instincts (Smarts) = Dominance

The Businessman: Poor Strategy (Contract Negotiations)

19.  Russ Loede: Tommie Harris as a Player/Buisnessman:

Ron Norman: Player:  Intensity

Businessman:  Smart

Eric Cook:  Player: Dominant (Top-Notch, Elite Talent)

Businessman: Fair

20.  Russ Loede: Devin Hester TD Total In ’08 (Returning/Receiving/Running):

Ron Norman:  (11 Total Touchdowns) Kick/Punt Return:  4 – They will kick away from him more often than not.  Receiving:  7 –  The more the touches, the more big gains and the opportunity to take it to the house. Running:  None.

Eric Cook:  (10 Total Touchdowns) Kick Return: 2Punt Reutrn: 3Receiving: 4Running:  1.

21.  Russ Loede: Word Association – First 5 picks bring what to the table in ’08?

Ron Norman:

Williams – Stability

Forte – Excitement

Bennett – Toughness

Harrison – Explosion

Steltz – Security

Eric Cook:

Williams:  Stability/Presence
Forte:  Attitude
Bennett:  Technique (Route-Running/Hands)
Harrison:  Depth
Steltz:  Spark

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