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“Real Deal” Looks Good, Feels Great – He’s Ready

Tommie Harris will never be at 100% percent.

“I practiced today and I feel great. I wouldn’t have practiced if I was hurting,” said Harris, who acknowledged that he’s experiencing typical soreness. “I play in the NFL. I don’t think I’ll ever be 100 percent.”

He’s in a good mood – just watch Tommie Harris on the field.

”They’re just being extra cautious,” Harris said. ”I want to be where my team needs to be, which is on the field during the season. Watch me out there. Let’s see what will happen.”

No Limits for Tommie Harris.

”He shouldn’t be [limited Sunday],” Smith said. ”He’s limited right now in practice because we’re kind of doing it, but Tommie should be fine.”

Practice? Tommie Harris is sharp, ready for Indy.

”He doesn’t need any practice,” Bears linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer said. ”I know he’ll be as sharp as he otherwise would be if he’d been out there for every preseason game. He’s a pro. It’s probably given him extra time to watch tape. He’ll be as ready as ever.”

Updated status on rest of Bears:

Both Tommie Harris (knee) and pass rush specialist Mark Anderson (thumb) fully participated in practice Thursday along with TE Desmond Clark (knee), guard Terrence Metcalf (knee), and DT Dusty Dvoracek (calf). Starting free safety Mike Brown was left off of the injury report.

Thoughts: Expect to see Kevin Payne starting next to Mike Brown at strong safety. I sure hope Josh Beekman gets the nod over Metcalf. It would be nice to see Anderson have a year like he did as a rookie, rather than a repeat performance of ’07 – and why not? He is going to be back to his former role, mainly as a third down pass rush specialist, who creates havoc and generates penetration. The defensive line has to pressure Manning if they want to get off the field on 3rd downs – simple formula for success. Desmond Clark should sit a game or two like Olsen did last season – Kellen Davis is ready to play and I would like to see more single back, 4 WR sets in the offensive game plan this Sunday. Spreading out the formation will not allow the Colts to consistently put in the eight box and jam the line of scrimmage. It will force ’em to play back a little more and blitz less. If Mike Brown and Tommie Harris play the whole game – Indy should not reach the end zone more than three times or score more than 24 points.

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