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Bears Ticket Outlook

The Chicago Bears lost head coach Lovie Smith (fired) and long-time linebacker Brian Urlacher (retirement), but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the Bears Tickets average at home (a whopping $442 per game).

Despite some hits to their outwardly allure, Chicago still boasts one of the better defenses in the entire league, while offensive guru head coach Marc Trestman is expected to come in and improve a sometimes shaky offense.

Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall re-established their connection from their days in Denver together, but the team will need to get more out of Matt Forte, as well as the tight end position. The Bears will be counting on a more potent offense so the defense doesn’t have to continue to carry the load, and if that happens they could quickly become contenders to get back to the NFC title game, where they were just three seasons ago.

Chicago faces a tough road to prove they’re worth the hype, however, as the NFC North is a muddied mountain with the likes of the Packers, Vikings and Lions, while the Saints, Giants and defending champion Baltimore Ravens stand in their way.

Even if Chicago can’t take the next step in Trestman’s first at-bat, they should at least be able to consistently put up points and once again be a very tough out on a weekly basis.

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