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Evolution of NFL Offense

Make sure to check out the Best Tickets Blog today for a really introspective piece on the evolution of the NFL offense.  The article breaks down passing vs. rushing from a statistical perspective and provides data from 1932 to the present.

As we’ve seen with the introduction of Brandon Marshall last season (and Martellus Bennett this season) Jay Cutler is a more than capable quarterback when he has the tools for success.  We’ve also seen firsthand how having a patchwork offensive line can really cripple the aerial assault.  Luckily, this season has been a bit better and the Bears have reaped the benefits.

The question ultimately comes down to what is the perfect balance of run vs. pass.  Matt Forte is clearly a very talented running back and I’m sure there will be games where handing the ball to him 20-25 times will create much success.  Will there also be games when Forte only carries the ball 5-10 times and they are able to have success?  That remains to be seen, but if the ball is getting into the hands of their most talented players, it seems to me that this report indicates they can find just as much success.

Either way, it’s an interesting read and certainly cemented what many have thought already: teams who throw the ball successfully, win.


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