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An Early Look at the Chicago Bear’s 2017 Schedule

by Bryan Dietzler

I may be a little behind the times due to what has been happening with the 2017 NFL Draft.  I apologize.

The Bears schedule was released recently and there is a lot to cover.  I thought that I would give a brief overview of the new schedule then do a more in-depth look at it a little later on.

The Bears 2017 NFL schedule is as follows:

September 10th-Atlanta at Chicago

September 17th-Chicago at Tampa Bay

September 24th-Pittsburgh at Chicago

September 28th-Chicago at Green Bay

October 9th-Minnesota at Chicago

October 15th-Chicago at Baltimore

October 22nd-Carolina at Chicago

October 29th-Chicago at New Orleans

November 5th-Bye Week

November 12th-Green Bay at Chicago

November 19th-Detriot at Chicago

November 26th-Chicago at Philadelphia

December 3rd-San Francisco at Chicago

December 10th-Chicago at Cincinnati

December 16th-Chicago at Detroit

December 24th-Cleveland at Chicago

December 31st-Chicago at Minnesota

The first month of the season is going to be a rough one.  They play three playoff teams, from last season, and take on an up and coming Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  It’s possible the Bears might go winless in the month of September.

October has some opportunity for Chicago to get some wins.  The Bears will play some teams that had were weaker last year and that opens the door to some possible wins.  With Baltimore and Carolina struggling last season, they may have a chance at winning those games.  But teams can do a 180 so, right not, it’s hard to predict how these two teams will be playing by the time the Bears see them in 2017.

Games against the Minnesota Vikings are always tough to predict.  Chicago could win so they might be able to get another one in October.  The Saints could be a team the Bears can beat as long as they can keep their offense tied down.  It’s not out of the question to think the Bears could get two to three wins that month. I might even go out on a limb and say they could get four.

The month of November is going to be interesting.  You have Green Bay in there which is always tough.  The Bears have been getting beaten pretty regularly by their arch rivals over the past few seasons but they have managed to squeeze out a couple victories here and there. It would be nice to get one (or two) against the Pack.

It’s hard to predict how the Eagles are going to be this coming season.  But in year two of the Carson Wentz era, the Eagles could be better.  Then you have the Lions coming to Chicago.  These games are always hard fought and even harder to predict.  This one could go either way.

They close out the month with San Francisco.  That just might be a win for the Bears.

December may be a good month for the Bears.  Cincinnati could be a win and Cleveland should be.  There are two division games that month, one against Detroit and one against Minnesota.  Chicago has just as much of a chance to win those games as they have a chance to lose them.  I am a broken record when it comes to the Bear’s play in division games because I always say that they are hard to predict.

Bears fans should be optimistic for the season.  There are some winnable games and Chicago should win (and will win) more than three games next season.  The playoffs may still be out of reach but they have an opportunity to start getting on the right path.

I will put out a much more detailed and in-depth review of the Bears schedule out over the next few weeks.  But my preliminary guess right now, without looking at all the fine details, is that the Bears will have a record of seven and nine (7-9).

Stay tuned for more about the Bears schedule coming soon.

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