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The Chicago Bears Final Game Thoughts

By Bryan Dietzler

The 2017 NFL season ended for the Chicago Bears as they lost for the 11th time in 2017 23-10 to the Minnesota Vikings. The Bears looked rather inept during the entire game. Their offense couldn’t get anything going while their defense was not able to stop Minnesota. The Vikings had something to play for in this game, but the Bears had nothing to keep them focused. The coaching staff did not do their job to keep them on task and help them at least make a game of it.

And now that coaching staff is gone.

The following is a look at some key points from the game and a little look ahead towards the future of our beloved Chicago Bears franchise.


I hope that this is the last time that I have to talk about this. Once again, penalties killed the Bears. For the game, Chicago had ten penalties for 116 yards and these penalties were just a microcosm of what the Bears have been doing all season. Penalties have killed the Bears game in and game out. The coaching staff has a lot to do with that. But now, it appears that all or at least most of the coaching staff is gone so perhaps the new staff will be able to provide better instruction and discipline to help cut down on the number of penalties that Chicago has.

Someone must do something because the penalties killed the Bears in 2017. They lost games because of them. Hopefully, the new coaching staff will be able to right the ship and get them moving in the right direction.

Mitchell Trubisky

One thing that is nice about having a brand-new quarterback that has a lot of potential is that offensive coordinators, quarterback coaches, and even head coaches will flock to him and try to develop him into a star. Not only does that help the team but it helps their effort to get a good head coach. What’s needed is an offensive-minded head coach with a strong defensive coordinator. This coach should be able to bring in someone that will work well with Trubisky, a good quarterback’s coach, and offensive coordinator if you will.

The Bears have the tool by which they can develop their quarterback position into one of the NFC’s strongest in Trubisky. Now they just need to get him someone that will be able to teach him how it’s done, and he will be a star. You can see his potential. He’s going to be good but just needs someone to show him the way. He wasn’t getting that with the previous staff.

Of course, you can’t do much with him if you don’t surround him with the talent that he needs to succeed. Getting some help at wide receiver should be at the top of their list while getting the offensive line shored up should be a close second or tied for first in order of priority. It would depend on what kind of coach the Bears hired, perhaps, to see where they would want to start. General Manager Ryan Pace should be concerned about getting the need positions filled right before bulking up at some of the positions of strength. But above all else, he must take care of what his quarterback needs.

Hasta La Vista Foxy

I do want to say one last thing about John Fox. I know that many fans out there feel that he wasn’t the right or a good coach. Remember he had taken two other teams to the Super Bowl so he had some success before coming to Chicago. Perhaps his window for success wasn’t that big in Chicago. We do know that he didn’t have the coaching staff or supporting cast of players to be successful. However, Fox was not without fault. Challenge decisions and time management were his weaknesses. These often got the best of him.

But there was one thing that Fox did well and that was that he kept control of his players. Going from previous head coach Marc Trestman, who lost control of the locker room, to Fox was nice. The discord that leaked from the locker room in prior years didn’t come out with Fox. Perhaps there were no internal issues? The team seemed to be much more “together”. Let’s hope what Fox was able in team building carries over with the next coach.

More to Come

Stay tuned for a full season and player reviews on Bearsgab as the offseason begins. When a new coach is hired, we will be there to talk about it. Draft coverage will start soon as will free agency. Consider this a great place for you to learn more about the Bears’ offseason plans and what the 2018 season may bring.

Thank you for sticking with us all season.

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