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Chicago Bears Season End Review: The Quarterbacks

By Bryan Dietzler

The 2017 Chicago Bears were underachievers. They failed to win games that they should have won and fell flat in some of the other games they weren’t supposed to win. But this was a transition year for the Bears. They had some new faces in different places. Injuries took hold, again, and caused issues while the coaching staff didn’t use the weapons provided to them in the right way. And it showed in the standings.

This is the first in a series of position reviews that we will do to cover the Bears position groups following the close of the 2017 NFL season. We will take a quick look at each player and see how they did and where they stand heading into the next season regarding whether they will make the team and what their contract status looks like.

So sit back and enjoy this, the first in our series of positional reviews with a look at the quarterback position.

Mike Glennon-Just saying the name Mike Glennon can get you dirty looks from Bears’ fans. The Glennon experiment looks like it’s going to be one year and done. He was not the answer the Bears needed at the quarterback position, and after just four games, he was replaced with Mitchell Trubisky. He never saw the field again. Glennon’s lack of experience showed and his tendency to make mistakes was prevalent. His decision making was poor and his overall his play was difficult to watch. But he did not have the benefit of having good receivers which did make a difference. But Trubisky was able to do a little more with less.

Glennon signed a three-year deal with an “out” clause in it that would allow the Bears to be free from him after one season. They would not have to pay him any additional money. The problem is, the Bears paid him a lot of money up front. It can be a clean break. But will they break free from Glennon and lick their wounds or will they keep him around as a backup quarterback? Surely there must be better options out there for a backup quarterback?

I would think that Glennon would be gone by the time free agency hits unless the Bears think he’s a viable option as a backup. It will be interesting to see what they decide to do with him.

Mitchell Trubisky-The young rookie had his debut this season looking hot and cold but that’s what you would expect out of him. We all knew going into this season that Trubisky didn’t have a lot of college starting experience. That scared a lot of people. Many people thought that the Bears would and should allow him to sit behind Glennon learning for a year then stepping in to start in year two.

But Glennon’s poor play forced the Bears to put Trubisky in starting with the fifth game of the season. They let him play the remainder of the year and he grew with each game he played. Had the Bears not handcuffed Trubisky and opened the offense up a little more he might have had more success. Now he is must learn a new offensive system and work with a new coaching staff. This could either set him back or propel him forward like the way it happened for Jared Goff this year.

We will see in 2018. At any rate, Trubisky is the quarterback of the future and the Bears should get a lot out of him. He’s already shown us a lot of promise and will continue to grow and develop into a strong quarterback.

Mark Sanchez-Sanchez never saw the field once this season and was consistently inactive on gameday. He provided some insurance in case of injury this season. However, injuries never happened at the quarterback position so he was not needed. It was the easiest money he will ever make. It’s likely he will be gone next year and possibly out of the NFL for good.

Next Up: The Running Backs

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