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The Rise of Mitchell Trubisky

By Bryan Dietzler

If you have been a fan of the Bears for any length of time, you should know that their history with quarterbacks is less than stellar. In order to find a quarterback that actually performed well for a decent amount of time with the Bears, you have to go back to the mid-80’s. There you will find Jim McMahon, the last great quarterback in Chicago Bears’ franchise history.

Even McMahon was not without his faults. He ended up missing quite a bit of time with injuries. There are some that say if McMahon hadn’t had missed so much time, the Bears might have won another Super Bowl or two.

Ever since McMahon last graced Chicago’s locker room the Bears have been looking for that franchise quarterback. They thought that they had their “quarterback of the future” when they drafted Cade McNown but that didn’t pan out. Then, sometime down the road, came Rex Grossman. Just recently, Jay Cutler was supposed to be the answer at the quarterback position but we all know how miserably that turned out.

Mike Glennon succeeded Cutler but only for short amount of time. His disastrous four-game stint gave way to the man we see at the helm now, Mitchell Trubisky. Some say it was about time for Trubisky to take over while others feared he would be “ruined” by the sudden start getting thrown into the action where he was sure to drown.

However, Trubisky managed to keep his head above water enough last season to show some promise. He came into this year with a lot of hype and a huge list of expectations to follow and through the first few games, up until the Tampa Bay game, there were some that didn’t think that he was doing as well as he should have been. There was a lot of disappointment among fans and some were even calling to have the Bears’ coaching staff bench Trubisky.

Then, all of that changed when the Bears met the Buccaneers at Soldier Field just a few short weeks ago. Trubisky looked like a man possessed hitting receivers on long passes while making smart decisions.

He looked unstoppable.

But is he really going to be able to keep this up? We will find out but for now, it looks like the Bears’ may have found themselves a quarterback.

Looking back at the history of Chicago Bears’ quarterbacks, we talked about McMahon who was a decent quarterback but not the lights out guy that he could have been had he been able to stay healthy. You had guys like Sid Luckman who some feel is the greatest quarterback in Bears’ history. Luckman helped lead the Bears to four NFL championships way back when and lit up the record books at that time. He was pretty much “it” until McMahon came along.

But after McMahon left, the Bears entered what many consider to be a rut at the quarterback position. Depending on who you talk to, they got out of that rut when Jay Cutler came to Chicago. “He who shall not be named” or “Smoking Jay” as I like to call him, had an up and down career. He was paid way too much and Chicago got too little in return. Cutler does hold a few Bears’ passing records but he’s one of the most vilified players in Bears history after never having lived up to his contract or what the Bears gave up to get him.

Now, after a short stint with Glennon, we have Trubisky. Will he be the next Sid Luckman or will he be the next Jay Cutler? For a while, we thought he would end up being like the latter but he’s  starting to turn things around. Granted, we can’t judge him off of just one or two good games. However, if he can keep his outstanding play up, the Bears will win a lot more games.

Saying that we want Trubisky to be more like Luckman is a stretch. We need Trubisky to be himself, whatever that may be. He needs to be able to develop his own identity and make a name for himself. He will want to win but he will want to do it in his own way.

The future is bright for this star of the Bears passing game. Sure, he is bound to get himself and his team into a bind at some point. Trubisky may even regress just a little bit. Trust me, he’s going to end up being a star in the league someday. He just needs the experience and the fine-tuning necessary to develop into a solid quarterback.

Trubisky is going to get better and will eventually be one of the best quarterbacks in Bear’s history.

You can bank on that.

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