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The Chicago Bears are Set to Begin an Exciting 100th Season

by Bryan Dietzler

Bears fans are still smarting from the loss at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles (well, more like Cody Parkey). This season is their chance for redemption. Many fans expect to see their beloved Bears not only back in the playoffs but ultimately, in the Super Bowl after a drought of more than a decade.

To go along with everyone’s hopes and dreams, it just so happens that this is the Bears’ 100th anniversary of coming into existence. Wouldn’t it be great if the Bears could celebrate their 100th season as an organized football team by winning a Super Bowl? As fans of the Bears, we can only hope that is the case.

The Bears will return a bevy of great talent from the previous year. Who isn’t going to want to watch the disruptive Khalil Mack give offenses fits with his ability to singlehandedly change the game? Or how about Eddie Jackson and his ability to score after an interception or fumble recovery? And don’t forget the offense. All eyes are on quarterback Mitchell Trubisky in hopes that he can continue to grow following his Pro Bowl season and lead the Bears to the promised land.

Running back David Montgomery is a special talent who should have an excellent first year in Chicago. Allen Robinson is ready to have a great year and help lead the team through the air.

The coaching staff appears to have prepared this team for a stellar season. The true test begins this Thursday evening when the Bears take on the Green Bay Packers, their hated division rival. Will the Bears be able to prove that they are the more dominant team and their time to take over the “North” is finally here?

We will soon find out.

Aside from all of the game action, the team has planned several events to help celebrate their 100th anniversary. We already saw them hold the 100th-anniversary celebration earlier this year. Each home game is going to have a theme for each decade the Bears have been around. There will be a bobblehead given out that includes some greats such as Dick Butkus, Devin Hester, and Red Grange. This, along with other activities will help make this season a huge success.

So, sit back and get ready to enjoy the 100th season of the Chicago Bears. Hopefully, it’s as magical as so many think it will be. Topping off the 100th season with a Super Bowl win would be the best thing possible. The Bears could easily get into the Super Bowl and make their fans happy.

It’s not out of the question.

Let’s wish our Bears good luck this Thursday night as they begin another 16 game journey towards the playoffs and march into history.

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