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The Chicago Bears End of Season Thoughts

The end of the 2019 season has come for the Chicago Bears and it was, in a word, disappointing. They were not able to add to what they did last season and failed to make playoffs after such a promising season last year. There is a lot to talk about and we will dive into just a few of the issues that are being brought up about the Bears and perhaps what they should do during the offseason.

Let’s take a look at four observations from this season, what might be wrong and how to fix the issue. Can the Bears get back to respectability or are they doomed to repeat their failures in 2020?

The Trubisky Factor-Remember, Trubisky made the Pro Bowl as an alternate last year so people thought that he was good enough to carry the reigns this year getting the Bears to the promised land. Well, it wasn’t meant to be. Trubisky, not through his fault entirely, and the whole offense failed to do much and took the entire team down. Granted, towards the end of the season he started to show some flashes but it was too little too late.

So, what should the Bears do about Trubisky and their passing offense? The best thing that they could do is to bring in a veteran quarterback to help Trubisky not only learn but also to push him to play better. They need to see what he can do with another quarterback breathing down his neck. Will he perform or will this little experiment, an experiment that has caused so much damage, be ended? Will the Bears be forced to go in a different direction?

The Bears must do what’s best for the team as a whole. If Trubisky isn’t right, and he isn’t, then they need to do something else. This offseason will be a make a break one for the Bears. If they don’t make a move at quarterback this team will falter again in 2020 leaving fans scratching their heads and wanting (and deserving) something better.

The Defense-Face it folks, this defense isn’t getting any younger and it will begin to decline unless they can do something to maintain what they have in it. This is/was a championship defense and was poised to help lead the Bears to bigger and better things. However, the offense was not what it was in 2018 (the year the Bears had success) and could not help the defense when it needed it most.

An opportunity was lost by not being able to do better. Now the defense is a year older and could be missing some key elements come next season.

However, this defense wasn’t all-world but it was very good. They still have some things to work on and if they can fix some of their issues, like at cornerback and linebacker, they should be able to shine again 2020. Look for them to be better and more dominant in 2020.

Play Calling-After watching just about every game the Bears have played this season, I have to admit that there was something wrong with the play calling. It appeared as if Matt Nagy regressed, in terms of his play calling, from 2018. Something happened and it’s was not good for the Bears.

Perhaps Nagy needs to hand the play-calling duties off to someone else to handle? That could free him up to “coach” the team and be much more involved in the moment to moment operations. Maybe the coaching staff needs a little bit of a shakeup? Something must get figured out because the Bears are wasting a lot of valuable time, effort and player longevity on the problems that they are having.

Knowing this is a critical offseason, you would think that Nagy would do everything he could to keep his job. This includes making changes to the play-calling duties. If he can get that in the hands of someone else, he will be a much better coach. That will make the team better and should help them to win more games.

Ownership-We all know that the McCaskey family is firmly entrenched as the owners of the Bears. Virginia McCaskey has been involved with the team since her father, the late George Halas, passed away. During her time as an owner, the team has been to the Super Bowl twice, winning once and has suffered some down seasons in the middle and after those championship runs. Lately, it doesn’t appear that they can get anything right.

The Bears are very loyal and there is one person that they may have been too loyal too. That person is Ted Phillips. This writer blames many of the Bears’ problems on Phillips. They have struggled under his leadership and it’s his hold on the purse strings of the organization that may have caused some of the problems that the Bears have had.

Chicago has done a lot of cleaning up with the GM and the coaching staff in recent years. Maybe it’s time to aim a little higher and remove Phillips from his position. That might make some difference in the long run. But maybe the Bears need to be sold to someone that can usher them into the more modern times?

Something must be done to turn this into a winning franchise or fans will lose interest.

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